Existing research facilities

Please find below a list of facilities currently available to researchers:

Research Infrastructure Showcase 2022

The Office of Research Infrastructure hosted the Research Infrastructure Expo on 4th November 2022, as part of the Research Month program. The aim of the event was to outline available equipment and capabilities within the university and show how they have contributed to research impact. A compilation of the slides from each of the talks is available to download (La Trobe login required).

Centre for Materials and Surface Science - Nanocharacterisation Capabilities

CMSS operates open access analytical facilities hosting world class surface analysis and X-ray tomography instrumentation. CMSS hosts the Nanocharacterisation Activity Hub of the ANFF-Victoria node.

Gait Lab

One of the key features of the laboratory is the Vicon motion analysis system for kinematic (motion) and kinetic (force) evaluation.

The LIMS Histology Facility offers a suite of precision instruments for high quality specimen preparation and sectioning.

La Trobe Animal Research and Teaching Facility provides housing, husbandry and technical resources supporting the use of a diverse range of animals involved in research and teaching activities at the University.

Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems

The Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems (CFE) has equipment, laboratory capabilities and expertise unique within the Albury–Wodonga and Mildura regions, including:

  • fieldwork expertise in ecosystem monitoring and sampling across a broad range of habitats and biota
  • analytical chemistry laboratory for routine water quality and more detailed chemical analyses
  • taxonomic laboratories and expertise in the identification of vegetation, fish, macroinvertebrates and zooplankton
  • biochemical laboratory for the study of linked microbial-geochemical processes in aquatic ecosystems
  • ecotoxicology laboratory for determination of risks associated with contaminants and stressors
  • aquarium facilities and eco-physiology laboratory for studying fish and invertebrate behavioural and physiological responses to environmental stressors
  • molecular laboratory to support taxonomy, population genetics, metabarcoding and environmental deoxyribonucleic acid  (eDNA) studies.

In addition to our in-house capabilities we also have access to a wider range of research infrastructure through our Melbourne campus as well as national research infrastructure.