Our facilities

As a centre within a world-class university, OTARC’s research is supported by the excellent La Trobe University infrastructure and services.

We have:

  • a dedicated purpose-built research unit with a suite of assessment rooms
  • digital audio and video recording facilities
  • eye-tracking and physiological recording equipment
  • office space to house research personnel for data entry and behavioural coding
  • extensive data assets that inform our work.
Maps and parking

Maps and parking

OTARC is located on La Trobe University's Bundoora campus. Access maps for the:

  • Research office reception
  • Child Development Unit
  • Margot Prior Autism Intervention Centre.

Instructions and maps

Visitor information

Visitor information

Find out more about visiting OTARC facilities (by appointment only) including La Trobe University amenities and policies.

Facility information and instructions