Department of Accounting, Data Analytics, Economics and Finance facilities

Our facilities offer students modern, interactive learning experiences and support the innovative work of our researchers.

Our state-of-the-art learning environments give students the opportunity to master their professional skills in a safe and supportive environment, ensuring they are well prepared to meet the needs of employers.

Our facilities also support research that benefits both individuals and communities.

Our facilities include:

The Centre for Data Analytics and Cognition operates a research laboratory featuring high-end computing and visualization facilities, including a state-of-the-art display wall.

The facility allows researchers to conduct fundamental research in advanced analytics, create technological solutions for government and industry, and conduct demonstrations and engage with stakeholders.

Our behavioural science laboratory features cutting-edge equipment including screen and glasses-based eye trackers, galvanic skin response, facial coding, electroencephalogram and virtual reality headsets. The laboratory is designed to support qualitative research methods, with live viewing and recording facilities for focus groups and interviews.

The laboratory enables our researchers and students to conduct impactful research to advance our understanding of human behaviour and decision making in fields such as marketing, organisational behaviour, human resource management and accounting. The laboratory is available for both academic and industry-based research projects.

Our trading room features the Refinitiv global financial market and company research and trading platform used by banks, stockbroking firms and investment managers.

The facility exposes students to a simulated trading environment, where they learn to use the Refinitiv platform with access to real-time market data, company and security information, and investment analytics.