School of Nursing and Midwifery facilities

Facilities in the School of Nursing and Midwifery offer students modern, interactive learning experiences and support the groundbreaking work of our researchers.

Our clinical learning environments provide realistic settings where students can master the practice-based skills of their profession in a safe and supportive environment, ensuring they are ready to use them when they go to real practice settings.

Our facilities include:

Our clinical learning environments mimic real health care settings. Here, students learn the practice-based skills and hands-on practice with equipment. Working alongside clinical experts, students can master their skills before they work with real people in clinical placements.

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We are very proud of our unique clinical school model. Unlike other nursing schools, we have dedicated university teaching space on site at key Melbourne metropolitan health services (Alfred Health, Austin Health, Melbourne Health and Northern Health) where students in their final years will learn. This means that students in their third year have the opportunity to spend the majority of their final year on site at a major Melbourne metropolitan hospital for their teaching and learning, which is conducted in close partnership with the health service and their nursing staff and leaders.

This approach aims to reduce the transition that comes with the move to working as a new graduate, helping our students to make smooth transitions to their professional working lives.

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Our simulation laboratories provide an increased level of complexity on our clinical learning environments, enabling students to work in real-life simulated practice scenarios with high-tech manikins.

The facility features four wards with six beds and two single-bed rooms, control and observation capabilities, and video equipment, facilitating skills development and group learning in a range of health contexts.

These facilities develop students’ clinical decision making and hands-on skills in responding to changing patient situations in a supportive and safe educational setting, so they can respond appropriately in real-life situations.

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La Trobe's telehealth training facilities ensure best practice training for allied health and nursing students, and better equip clinicians undertaking professional development.

The facility features a telehealth audiovisual setup including microphone, cameras, display screens and computers; technology to stream or record video for larger groups of students or professionals; and mobile telehealth hardware to allow for high quality offsite telehealth consultations.