Visitor information

We would like your visit to OTARC facilities to be as easy as possible.

Below are the La Trobe facilities that you may need to access during your visit. We have also included La Trobe policies visitors must follow. Please contact us at or phone +61 3 9479 2497

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All La Trobe University building levels on Bundoora campus are labelled using the following convention:

  • Level 1 is the ground floor
  • Level 2 is the first floor.

You must have an appointment to visit OTARC.

George Singer Building (Child Development Unit) Level 2

This building has male and female ambulant toilets on the second level (1F on the map linked below). A baby change table is available in the female toilet.

Biological Sciences 2 (OTARC reception) Level 2

This building has male and female toilets (2F on the map linked below). The closest ambulant toilet is located in the George Singer Building on the same level (1F on the map linked below). A baby change table is available in the female toilet.

Gender neutral bathrooms

The nearest gender neutral toilets to OTARC's reception and the Child Development Unit are located in the R.L. Reid Building (4F on the map linked below). A baby change table is available in the bus stop toilet block located near the Visitors car park (6C on the map linked below).

Baby change tables

The nearest male toilet with a change table is located in the ASK La Trobe building on level 1 (6H-I on the map linked below).


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, however OTARC does not have direct control over the University's amenities. If you would like to register any concerns about toilets or baby change facilities, please submit feedback to the Infrastructure and Operations Team using the link below.

Toilets map Infrastructure and operations

The Child Development Unit, Victorian Early Assessment Clinic and OTARC reception are located on Level 2. The entrance to both buildings on this level are accessible at ground level via the George Singer building. Alternatively,  the George Singer and Biological Sciences Buildings have lift access from level 1.

Mobility maps

The closest breastfeeding room to the George Singer and Biological Sciences buildings is located on Level 3 of the George Singer building administration office (accessible by stairs and lift). See contact information listed below.



Contact Person

Contact Details

Melbourne (Bundoora)

AccessAbility Hub Foyer (PE 110);

Ground Floor,
Peribolos East

Health & Wellbeing Centre
(PE 101)

Drop-In to the Centre in person for a chat with the friendly team
or call 9479 2900.

No bookings are necessary, available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

LIMS1 Building;

Level 2, Room 253A

LIMS administration Office (room 201)

Email or visit LIMS admin office LIMS1-201 to pre-arrange access.

No bookings are necessary, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

George Singer;

Level 3, Room 333

Administration office

Email the admin team or call Zoe on  9479 5936 for any enquiries

Children’s Centre

Children’s Centre Reception

Internal: 2122
External: 9479 2122
Email: Children's Centre Reception 

Note: Only those with children in attendance at the Centre can use this facility. Access MUST be pre-organized to be able to use the room.


Student Union Floor, Room 1.16


For in-person enquiries, call in to the LTSA reception desk, Level 1 Library/Student Union Floor.

Open Mon-Thurs 10am - 3pm

Alternatively, phone 5444 7354


Mildura Office Annexe;

Room 101

Melanie Petrie

Email Melanie or call on 5051 4000 if you have any questions


AW4 room 4244

Tammy Ebert

Zibet Szacsvay
Email Tammy or Zibet for more information or to arrange access


Level 2, Room 218

Sire (Hatoumata) Camara

Email Sire (Hatoumata) or call on 5820 8621


Room 223 C

Reception Desk

Come past, email the reception team or call them on 9479 6797


Level 4, 255 Elizabeth Street

Reception Desk

Contact reception in person, or email enquiries

Bundoora campus has many food and beverage retailers where you can pick up a coffee or something to eat, including an IGA Xpress.

Most retailers are located in the Agora level 1(8H on the map linked below). Using the Level 2 link, you can walk straight through the following buildings (all signage is hung from the ceiling, so look up!):

  • George Singer Building,
  • Biological Sciences 2,
  • Biological Sciences 1,
  • R.L. Reid Building,
  • La Trobe Institute for Molecular Sci 1,
  • La Trobe Institute for Molecular Sci 2, and
  • The Learning Commons.

Once you come to daylight, turn left towards the Agora. On your right will be a lift. If you would prefer stairs, turn right at the Student Union building, they will be right in front of you.

A full list of retailers and their opening hours can be accessed using the link below.

Food, beverage and retail traders Campus maps