Theme Leader

Hogan - Electrochemistry, photochemistry, chemical sensing and biosensing

Our group conducts a range of both fundamental and applied research to expand the bounds of analytical science.


Angove - Colloid, environmental and pharmaceutical science

Our group use colloid chemistry to research environmental and agricultural soil systems. We also study pharmaceutical products that utilise colloidal particles and systems.

Brack - Surface modification and characterisation of advanced materials

Our research focuses on creating, understanding and controlling materials at the nanometer scale.

Hoxley - Biosensing applications of wide bandgap Semiconductors

I study the surfaces of semiconductor crystals, particularly diamond, and how they react to the world around and within us.

Pakes - Quantum materials for electronics, spintronics and biosensing

Our team is interested in the functionalisation of technologically interesting materials such as diamond, graphene, silicon and organic semiconductors via the chemical modification of the surface and surface transfer doping.

Pigram - Interactions at surfaces

Our group focuses on creating, understanding and controlling materials at the nanometer scale. We explore chemical and molecular properties and processes at surfaces and at interfaces.

Potter - Analytical and environmental chemistry

Our group prepare Polymer Inclusion Membranes (PIMs) and polymer-based microspheres for use as small-scale chemical reactors and sensors for biological, environmental and industrial applications.

Robertson - Optical spectroscopy of atmospheric and biological molecules

Our group exploit powerful light sources to study molecules relevant to pharmaceutics, atmospheric and aerosol chemistry, and even the interstellar medium.