Research highlights

Understanding water at the atomic level

Hydrogen bonds hold DNA structures together and give water its solvent capabilities, but how strong are they really? In a paper published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Dr Patrick Robertson, Dr Evan Robertson and colleagues have probed the strength of particular hydrogen bonds using lasers.

Improving materials characterisation

Dr Brian Abbey’s group, together with collaborators at ANSTO and the Australian Synchrotron, have developed a method that characterises the structure and chemistry of materials simultaneously. Their findings, published in Acta Materialia, will help develop tougher next generation materials.

Detecting chemicals in the environment

Researchers from Dr Brian Abbey's group, together with colleagues from RMIT, have developed a device that analyses chemicals using visible light. The device, which was developed at the MCN, can analyse trace amounts of chemicals. It can be used for a range of sensing applications including monitoring water pollutants and inspecting soil quality.

Using smartphones to monitor preservatives in wine

Dr Conor Hogan and his team aim to turn smartphones into portable wine testing devices that can detect sulfur dioxide levels in wine – faster, cheaper and more accurately than current methods.