Molecular Design

Molecular Design themeThe Molecular Design theme uses molecules to solve real world problems across a broad range of disciplines.

Researchers have diverse interests ranging from computational studies on the interaction of drugs with proteins, to molecular synthesis, and surface and material science.

Members have expertise in NMR spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, mass spectrometry, chemical synthesis and separations, computational analysis of systems (ranging from species as large as proteins to as small as a single proton) and analysis of surfaces using advanced techniques such as atomic force microscopy.

Current projects include the design of new metal-based radiopharmaceuticals; synthesis of drugs targeting resistant strains of malaria and hospital borne “superbacteria”; generation of antimicrobial surfaces using peptides; small molecule platelet inhibitors; and the design of metal catalysts to form difficult bonds, such as the C-F bond found in many pharmaceuticals.