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"Qui cherche trouve”– Whoever seeks shall find

What is the EMCRs of LIMS Society?

The EMCRs of LIMS Society fosters support, communication and career development for postdocs at LIMS and La Trobe University’s partner institutions, such as Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute, AdAlta and Imunexus Therapeutics. A cross-disciplinary environment nurtures professional achievement and scientific excellence.

The Society facilitates communication and networking opportunities between postdocs within LIMS and the wider University community, ensuring early-career researchers have abundant access to social and intellectual networking opportunities.

The Society reiterates the wider La Trobe University values such as viewing issues through a global perspective, the energetic pursuit of ideas and excellence, and treating all people with respect. Above all, we hold ourselves accountable for making great things happen.



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Committee members

Alana Higgins |  Alyce Mayfosh |  Christina Nedev |  Christopher Szeto | Donna Whelan |  Ebony Monson |  Eduard Willms |  Emma Grant |  Ishara Atukorala |  Jereme Spiers |  Laura Murray-Rust |  Moritz Eissmann |  Nick P Collinson (AgriBio) | Nick Reynolds | Noni Frankenberg |  Pamali Fonseka |  Pramod SubediSarah BennettSarah Stewart