Overdue and lost loans

You will get a fine if you do not return an item by the due date during library service hours or if you lose or damage an item. Items returned outside of library service hours will not be taken off your record until the next working day.

Rate of fines

Type of item Rate of fines
28, 60 and 90 day loans Daily fines no longer apply.
If an item is not returned within 28 days after its due date, the item will be declared lost and a $75 replacement fee (plus a $20 processing fee) will be charged
3 and 7 day loans $5 per day to a maximum of $50 per item
High Demand (3 hour loans) $2 per hour to a maximum of $50 per item
Items where you have been sent a 'recall notice' $5 per day to a maximum of $50 per item

Lost, damaged or more than 28 days overdue items

If you lose or damage an item, or an item is not returned after a reasonable time (ie. 28 days overdue), you will be charged a replacement fee of $75 plus a $20 processing fee. The $20 lost item processing fee or the overdue fine (whichever is greater) remains payable once the item is returned. Items will not attract a refund if replacement costs are paid and the item is returned more than 12 months overdue and/or the library has purchased a replacement copy.

How to pay

Campus Pay by card Pay by cash

Ask La Trobe Help Zone (Library)

ph: (+61 3) 9479 2922

Not available


ph: (+61 3) 5444 7453

Not available

Library Loans Desk

ph: (+61 2) 6024 9760

Not available
Mildura ph: (+61 3) 9479 2922 Not available
Shepparton ph: (+61 3) 9479 2922 Not available

Unpaid fines/invoices

Fines for each item are added together.

  • If your total fines are less than $10, they will be reset to zero in January of each year.
  • If your fine total is between $10 and $49, library services will be suspended. You will not be able to borrow, renew or place a hold on any library items. This suspension will remain until you pay the total amount.
  • If your fine is $50 or greater, in addition to the library suspension, there will also be a block on your student record, you will not be able to obtain your academic transcript, re-enrol, change subjects or graduate.

If payment has not been made within reasonable time, the library debt will be referred to the University Finance Branch for further action. This may result in additional charges being added to your debt.

Your borrowing responsibilities

  • You must have your current student/staff card, CAVAL card or external borrower library card in order to borrow items at any of the campus libraries.
  • To ensure fair access to resources, if you don't return or renew your items by the due date penalties may apply.
  • You are responsible for all items borrowed and cannot transfer the borrowed item/s to another person.
  • You should regularly check your La Trobe University email account for library email notifications.

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