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Streaming videos - About

What and why

The Library provides video streaming of selected audiovisual titles. The collection includes a wide range of Australian and international documentaries, anatomy animations, movies, and television programs. Streamed titles are made available via Library Search.

Streaming videos and clips can enhance your learning materials, and can be used in a variety of situations, from lectures to tutorials, and while on the go with a mobile internet connection.


  • Can be a way of demonstrating practical skills
  • support different learning styles
  • video clips and playlists can be created
  • title-specific URLs and clips are easy to embed or link to in LMS
  • are accessible anytime, anywhere. (An LTU login and password is required for off-campus access)
  • can be viewed by multiple users simultaneously.

Streaming video platforms

The Library provides access to streaming videos on several different publisher sites: Alexander Street Press, Kanopy, Informit, ClickView etc. Different platforms have different options to enable use of streaming videos for teaching and learning, for example by creating clips and playlists. Information for specific platforms is available in the sections below.

Software requirements

You may need to have particular software or browser plug-ins installed to view the videos, most commonly Adobe Flash Player and Windows Media Player.

Mobile device compatibility

Some streaming video platforms are designed to work on tablets and smartphones with iOS (iPad/iPhone) and/or Android.

Find streaming videos

You can find streaming videos that are available through the Library by using Library Search and the streaming video platforms themselves

For example:


An interactive anatomy and pathology 3D resource with 3D animations. Includes biomechanical animations, dynamic MRI, and movie clips to supplement the 3D model. Leading practitioners in each field provide explanations of the illustrations.

Access Anatomy.TV

Licensing and Resource Information

20 concurrent users

Technical requirements

Browser must be configured to allow pop-ups for Movies and animations can be played using Windows Media player or Quicktime player.

Linking and embedding (LMS)

The platform does not support deep linking to individual videos or embedding.

No clips or playlist functionality.


Alexander Street Press

Alexander Street Press is a platform with many discipline specific collections of streaming videos:

Access and mobile devices

Alexander Street Press

Alexander Street Press streaming videos can be viewed online through your web browser. There is no functionality for downloading the videos; the license agreement prohibits downloading through any means.

Mobile devices: Yes. Android and iOS.

Licensing and resource information

When a La Trobe student or staff member clicks on your link to a playlist, clip, or whole video, the content will stream authorized IP or an authentication page will open asking for a username and password. This means that only authorized users will be able to link to the video streams.


You can read the entire transcript in the transcript pane by clicking the "Transcript" icon in the Toolbar at the top of the screen. The transcript includes speaker/narrator names (when known) and credits.

Linking and embedding (LMS)


Alexander Street Press help


ClickView is a multidisciplinary streaming video platform, whose ranges of content are widely used in educational settings and by health care professionals. The content strengths are: Science, Health, Physical Education, Business Studies, Technologies, and Professional Health Care.

Access ClickView

Mobile device compatibility

ClickView streaming videos can be viewed online through your web browser.  The player includes a range of features which make it useful for both teachers and learners.

Supports mobile and tablet devices - Android and iOS.

Clips, playlists, linking and embedding in LMS

You can create your own clip by using sections within the video. You cannot create a playlist.

ClickView provides an 'embed code' for each video that you can use to embed the video in the LMS.

Captions and transcripts

Closed captions are available for some titles.


ClickView Help Centre

EduTV and TV News


Informit's EduTV is an online TV streaming resource designed for Australian tertiary institutions. You can find documentaries, drama and series from both free-to-air and pay TV channels such as:

  • The History Channel
  • National Geographic
  • NITV
  • Discovery

TV News

Informit TVNews provides access to post September 2007 Australian television news services (commercial, ABC and SBS) as well as selected current affairs and documentary shows.  All individual stories from a particular broadcast are indexed with a detailed synopsis. TVNews is updated daily, with stories appearing on an evening news broadcast generally being available for access the next morning. Key programs include:

  • ABC News
  • Behind the News
  • World News Australia
  • Catalyst
  • Insight

Access and mobile devices

The video for each story or documentary is available in WMV format as a progressive download, allowing viewing to begin before the total video file is transferred. Items range from under 30 seconds for short stories, to over an hour for selected documentaries.

Informit TVNews videos can be viewed online in your web browser or downloaded and played in a media player.

Some videos are compatible with some mobile devices. MP4 format videos are compatible with most devices. WMV format videos are only compatible with Windows mobile applications.

Clips, linking and embedding (LMS)


Search, share, embed videos and create clips.

Informit EduTV guide [PDF 921KB]

TV News

Clips cannot be created however, news and current affairs programs are broken into segments for each individual story and can be downloaded.  You can also link to these stories.

Informit TV News guide [PDF 632KB]

Captions and transcripts

Some videos have captions.


Henry Stewart Talks - Business and Management Collection

Leading experts in industry, commerce, the professions and academia present online lectures. This collection includes business lecture, seminars and case studies in finance, accounting, economics, management, marketing, strategy, technology, and operations.

Access and mobile devices

Access HSTalks

Captions and transcripts available for all recordings after 2015.

Accessibility statement

Mobile devices: Yes

Linking and embedding (LMS)

  • Link to video or embed in LMS
  • Embed with a defined time range to play only a segment of video
  • Sign up for a personal account to save your favourites.


Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)

JoVE is a peer reviewed journal that publishes scientific research in a video format. JoVE's streaming videos illustrate scientific experiments and methodology in biological research and chemistry.

We have access to the following 6 sections:

  • General
  • Neuroscience
  • Immunology &Infection
  • Clinical &Translational Medicine
  • Bioengineering
  • Applied Physics

Access and mobile devices

Access JoVE

The JoVE video player is compatible with HTML5.

Linking and embedding (LMS)

Linking - yes
Clips and playlists: No.


JoVE Help


Kanopy is a multidisciplinary streaming video platform, with over 20,000 videos from the world's prominent filmmakers and production houses.

Access and mobile devices

Access Kanopy

Mobile devices: Yes Android and iOS.

Linking and embedding (LMS)

  • You can link to clips and playlists that you create
  • You can link to individual titles listed in the catalogue
  • Kanopy provides an 'embed code' for each video that you can use to embed the video in the LMS
  • Instructions for embedding videos into (LMS) are available online

Clips and playlists

Kanopy provides instructions for creating clips and playlists.

Some videos have captions and transcripts.


Help in Kanopy

Open Access (Free streamed video)

A number of openly accessible Internet sites provide access to streaming videos. These sites may host content or merely point to content hosted elsewhere. Check the conditions of use before using these resources.


The TED website makes available the best talks from TED events. TED provides talks from inspirational and creative thinkers on a broad range of topics.

The Age TV

The Age TV provides access to more than 2,000 streaming videos including TV shows, movies and documentaries from around the world.

Request online access to audiovisual items and off-air recordings

Recommend a streaming video purchase

We welcome your suggestions for additions to the Library collections.


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