Researcher education

The Library offers a comprehensive program for researchers at every stage of their research career including software such as NVivo and SPSS, reference management tools such as EndNote, Advanced Database Searching, research metrics and more.  All are offered in a format and location convenient to you.

Library workshops and COVID-19

In line with advice from the Vice-Chancellor, the Library Research Partnerships team have adjusted our program so that we can keep you safe while you continue your research. All programs are currently run online only until further notice.

Current workshops

New Graduate Researchers and Honours students are encouraged to attend the three part series Graduate Researcher Information Skills which will help develop your abilities to efficiently and effectively search for, retrieve, evaluate, manage and use the information required for your research.

Our sessions are open to all researchers as well as graduate research students.  Book in via the links below or contact the Library researcher education staff for more details or inquiries.

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