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The University’s Academic Profiles system makes La Trobe research more visible and highlights the capabilities and track record of our researchers. Read our Academic Profiles guide to find out more.

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We can help you maximise your research advantage by providing advice and assistance to ensure your profile is accurate and includes everything necessary.

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Frequently asked questions

Who gets an academic profile?

All academic staff and graduate researchers automatically receive a profile. Professional staff can request one by completing our form or emailing This is subject to approval from the Research Office.

Where does my profile information come from?

Your academic profile includes publications information from My Publications, grants information from PRIME and other information that you can add yourself, including your bio, professional and teaching activities etc. Regular updates occur from other trusted sources, including from the HR system for personal details (name, honorific, department and contact details).

What if I don’t have a My Publications login?

It may take a few days for your My Publications account to appear after commencing your job or course. You use your LTU username and password to access My Publications. Please contact if you cannot login.

How do I update my new profile?

You can edit your new profile by logging into My Publications and clicking on ‘Edit your profile’. Alternatively, if you are on the Academic Profiles system, there is a ‘LOG IN’ button at the top of your profile page, which links to My Publications. Further system instructions can be found in the expert help guide.

Can I change publications information listed on my profile?

You can add or hide publications listed on your academic profile via My Publications. If publications are missing, you can manually add them. You can also reject publications that are not yours. In some cases you will want to merge duplicate entries for the same item. See the guide to managing your publications [PDF 657.4 KB].

Note: If you want to hide a publication, and a co-author at La Trobe University does not also want to hide it, then it will still be displayed in the Academic Profiles system.

When will the changes and new publications/research outputs appear on my profile?

My Publications data is updated to the Academic Profiles system within a couple of minutes. Publications harvested automatically for you will appear in your profile once they are claimed. You can activate the claim via the 'Claim as mine' button.

Where do keywords on my profile come from and how do I change them?

Keywords in the Academic Profiles system are built in and associated with your listed publications. You can add or hide keywords in My Publications by clicking the pencil icon next to the 'Expertise' label. New keywords can be added by contacting the Library Research team at

The title in my profile is incorrect. How do I change it?

Profile titles come though the HR system and cannot be changed manually. If yours is incorrect, please contact the Library Research team at and we'll work with HR to have this fixed. Depending on the source of the problem, a correction may happen overnight. If the official notification is delayed, it may take 1-2 weeks or longer.