Referring a student to expert support

Staff: Please use this form to refer a student for expert one-to-one advice from an Academic Skills Advisor or Librarian.

Before you start
You must discuss the referral with the student, including the areas requiring assistance and the benefits to the student in receiving the support. *
Have you asked the student if they would like an in-person appointment? * (Available at Bendigo and Melbourne(Bundoora) campus only)

Upon receipt of this referral, we will contact the student and invite them to book an appointment with us.

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Referred Student
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La Trobe University respects the privacy of your personal information. We collect personal information about you to help us provide the most relevant learning support. For this purpose, we will use only use this information for this purpose. If your personal information is not provided to us then we may not be able to contact you to set up an appointment, or may not assign your case to the most relevant expert advisor. You may have the right to access the personal information we hold about you subject to any exemptions in relevant laws, by contacting us