Request an item

If the item you want is already on loan or at another campus library, you can request the item via Library Search:

  1. Click 'Get It'
  2. Click 'Sign in' and enter your login details

    Image: Sign-in for more options
  3. Click the 'Request' link

    Image: request options
  4. Choose where you want to collect the item and click 'Request'. If your request is successful, you'll see a highlighted message: 'Request Placed'
  5. You'll receive an email telling you when the item has arrived, and for how long it is to remain on the Request Shelf.  You must collect it within seven days for general items, or two days for High Demand items or notify Library staff if you're unable to collect by the allocated pick up date.

Please contact the Library for advice on the location of the Request Shelf for your campus.

If more than one person has requested a hold, you'll be placed in a hold queue and the borrow time will reduce to one week.

Maximum number of requests (Holds)

Patron type: Number of items:
Students Up to 20 items at a time
Staff Unlimited
Non LTU patrons Up to 10 items

View or cancel your borrowing requests (Holds)

When you've requested an item using the above method, you can view or cancel your request in the Holds section of My Account.