When writing essays or assignments, you must acknowledge and cite your sources of information –  this is known as referencing.

The video below will teach you what referencing is and what sources you can use.

Understand referencing

Our Academic Referencing Modules (ARM) will help you understand referencing and how to reference your work.

Learn about different referencing styles

Our Academic Referencing Tool (ART) provides detailed examples of the four referencing styles used at La Trobe:

  • AGLC4 (Law)
  • APA 7
  • Oxford (footnoting)
  • Harvard.

Academic Referencing Tool feedback

We're committed to providing the most accurate information possible. If you see any inconsistencies with the referencing examples in ART, send your feedback to

Create bibliographies with EndNote

You can use EndNote to create bibliographies for your thesis, essay or assignment. It will save you time and reduce the risk of errors. EndNote can be used to:

  • store bibliographic records (e.g. details of books, chapters, journal articles, websites, conference papers, theses, reports, etc.)
  • automatically generate citations and bibliographies in specific styles (e.g. AGLC4, APA 7, APA 6, Footnote, Harvard) in Word documents
  • search and retrieve bibliographic records from library catalogues and journal indexing databases.

Download and learn how to use EndNote on Mac or Windows, or attend an EndNote workshop.

Visit Achieve@Uni for a comprehensive guide to referencing.