Database search

Databases gather articles from journals, magazines, newspapers and books. Most library databases gather items for a specific subject.

If you don't know which database to use

  • Select  the 'Databases' tab on the Library home page.

    Databases tab on library website
  • Select "Browse the database guide"
  • You will be taken to a new page, where you will find the entire database guide.
  • Select your subject under the ‘Databases by category’ list.

If you know the database you need

  • Select on the 'Databases' tab
  • Enter the name of the database and select magnifying glass icon .


  • Select ‘Browse the database guide’ to take you to the full database guide.
  • Use the A-Z list and click on the first letter of your selected database.

Alumni access

  • Select the 'Databases' tab
  • Select "Browse the database guide"
  • Select "La Trobe Alumni" under the databases by category".