Physiology of exercise, physical activity and rehabilitation

The Physiology of Exercise, Physical Activity and Rehabilitation (PEPAR) Research Program includes academic staff within the La Trobe Rural Health School (disciplines of exercise science physiology, physiotherapy and public health) and extensive internal and external collaborators.

PEPAR aims to inform evidence-based exercise and physical activity to enhance the health of Australians and enable sports people to perform at a higher level and compete more successfully. Our interdisciplinary research in exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports medicine, sports psychology and motor control closely aligns with La Trobe’s Healthy people, families and communities research theme and demonstrated strength in Human Movement and Sport Science, which was rated as “well‑above world standard” in the last three national research assessment exercises.

As experts in the measurement and restoration of human movement, we employ cutting-edge laboratory and field-based technologies including non-invasive physiological measurement techniques, three-dimensional motion analyses, wearable sensor technologies, musculoskeletal function analyses, and quantitative imaging techniques.

Research goals

  • examine acute and chronic responses to physical activity and exercise
  • design, deliver and monitor exercise interventions to optimise function and performance benefits for healthy people, the de-conditioned, those with diseases/injuries as well as elite athletes
  • conduct high-quality trials to evaluate the effectiveness of current and emerging exercise and physical activity based treatments.

Research team

Higher Degree by Research students

Student nameDegreeSupervisorProject title
Stephen BarrettMastersA/Prof Michael KingsleyIntegrated community partnership model of recruitment and retention into physical activity programs
Janet CobdenMastersA/Prof Michael KingsleyPrevalence of frailty in community-dwelling older persons
Luke DalyPhDA/Prof Michael KingsleyWhat is the influence of exercise dose on cardiac arrhythmias
Dimitri DiacogiorgisProfDocDr Byron PerrinEvidence-based clinical pathway for the management of high risk foot – Charcot Neuroarthropathy
Lakshmi JayalathMastersDr Marcos de NoronhaThe effect of fatigue on physiological and biomechanical parameters around the ankle
Samantha MayMastersA/Prof Michael KingsleySkeletal muscle adaptations to Achilles tendinopathy
Emma McDonaldPhDA/Prof Michael KingsleyThe use of technology to prevent diabetes-related foot morbidity in rural and regional populations
Helen NightingalePhDA/Prof Michael KingsleyAn antenatal weight management intervention for rural women
Philip ShambrookPhDDr Brett GordonEffectiveness of intermittent exercise to enhance cardio-metabolic health
Craig StauntonPhDA/Prof Michael KingsleyIdentification and monitoring of training load and overreaching in elite team sport athletes
Paul XanthosPhDA/Prof Michael KingsleyEfficacy of resistive exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation
Anita ZachariasPhDA/Prof Rod GreenHip stabilizer muscle structure and function in a hip osteoarthritis population

Recent Publications

2017 Publications

  • Xanthos, P.D., Gordon, B.A., Kingsley, M. (2017) Implementing resistance training in the rehabilitation of coronary heart disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis. International Journal of Cardiology. 1;230:493-508
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  • Devlin, B.L., Leveritt, M.D., Kingsley, M., Belski, R. (2017) Dietary Intake, Body Composition and Nutrition Knowledge of Australian Football and Soccer Players: Implications for Sports Nutrition Professionals in Practice. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. 27(2): 130-138. [Epub ahead of print]
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  • Peiris, C., Shields, N., Kingsley, M., Hau, R., Yeung, J, Taylor, N. (2017). The maximum tolerated dose of walking for community-dwelling people recovering from hip fracture: a dose-response trial. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. pii: S0003-9993(17)30261-7. doi: 10.1016/j.apmr.2017.03.027
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  • Lanferdini, F.J., Bini, R.R., Baroni, B.M., Klein, K., Carpes, F.P., Vaz Marco (2017). Low-level laser therapy improves performance and reduces fatigue in competitive cyclists. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, In-press.
  • Bini, R.R., Hoefelmann, C.P., Costa, V.P., Difenthaeler, F. (2017). Reproducibility of upper leg EMG frequency content during cycling. Journal of Sports Sciences, In-press.
  • Toohey, L. A., Noronha, M. de, Taylor, C., Thomas, J. (2017). The validity and reliability of the sphygmomanometer for hip strength assessment in Australian football players. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, 0(0), 1–6.

2016 Publications

  • Xanthos, P.D., Gordon, B.A., Begg, S., Nadurata, V., Kingsley, M.I. (2016) A comparison of age-standardised event rates for acute and chronic coronary heart disease in metropolitan and regional/remote Victoria: a retrospective cohort study. BMC Public Health. 11,16(1):391
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Project Grants Awarded

2017 Grants

  • Kingsley M, Bini R, Wundersitz D - Lower limb loads during simulated postal delivery using bicycles. Australia Post and Sport Exercise & Rehabilitation RFA, 2017
  • Kingsley M, O’Halloran P, Alahakoon D - Quantifying physical activity patterns using wrist-worn accelerometers. Sport Exercise & Rehabilitation RFA, 2017
  • Kingsley M, Wundersitz D - Cardiac pathologies in recreational cyclists: what are the chances? Bendigo Tertiary Education Anniversary Foundation, 2017
  • Green R, Pizzari T, Semciw A, Woodley S, Kingsley M - Development of an evidence-based rehabilitation program for hip osteoarthritis. Arthritis Australia, Arthritis New Zealand, 2017
  • Bini R, Hume P - Reproducibility of 3D joint motion and 3D joint kinetics during stationary cycling. AUTM-SPRINZ funding, 2017

2016 Grants

  • Wright B, O’Halloran P, Hale M, Kinsella G, Kingsley M - Improving jockey performance and safety: the effects of concussion. Racing Victoria and Sport Exercise & Rehabilitation RFA, 2016-2018
  • Williams C. A et al. O’Halloran, P C1 J (2016-2020) Physical Activity, Exercise, Sport and Recreation Promotion for Adolescents with CF. Cystic Fibrosis Trust
  • Kvist, J., Adern, C., Webster, K., O’Halloran P, CI D (2016-2018 ) A novel web-based intervention to facilitate returning to sport after serious injury. Swedish Research Council
  • de Noronha M, Mattiello S M - The effects of different exercise protocols and different delivery methods on the progression of knee osteoarthritis. SPRINT – São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration; 2016