Building healthy rural communities

This research program is focused on how primary health research, innovative health service, workforce approaches, and knowledge translation can be combined to maximise healthcare outcomes for vulnerable rural people and ensure the delivery of place-based, exceptional rural health care. Our industry partners are located across rural and regional Victoria. We explicitly involve community members in research focused on healthcare design, delivery and evaluation.

Health system fragmentation and the lack of a seamless and connected rural health and social system propagate poor health outcomes directly related to key social determinants of rural disadvantage: geographic isolation, poverty, vulnerability, poor education, homelessness and stigma. Failure to integrate health, social care, and other sectors in rural communities is costly, and is associated with potentially preventable hospital admissions and poor health outcomes.

The goals of our research program reflect the aspirational vision of health services without walls, where there are no boundaries between traditional hospital services and integrated multidisciplinary primary health care. Our research provides a blueprint for Australian health reform, demonstrating how community-driven health service redesign can address major access and equity issues, and how an agile, interlinked and self-improving system can be achieved at a practical place-based level.

Our research extends internationally, with key collaborations at University of Manitoba, Keele University, University of Manchester, University of British Columbia, University of Huddersfield, University of Salford, Turku University-Finland and King's College London.

Research team members

HDR students

Student nameDegreeSupervisorProject Title
John AitkenPhDProfessor Amanda Kenny, Dr Virginia Dickson-SwiftSharing knowledge: Community participation strategies for improving rural health
Donna BorkowskiMastersDr Carol McKinstry, Dr Matthew CotchettResearch capacity of allied health professionals
Siann BowmanPhDDr Carol McKinstry, Dr Linsey HowieExperience of mental health problems for secondary schools in rural Victoria
Kylie CarraPhDProfessor Amanda Kenny, Associate Professor Michael Curtain (CSU)Exploration of the relationship between meaningful activity and post traumatic mental health
Nadia DeVecchiPhDProfessor Amanda Kenny, Dr Virginia Dickson-Swift, Dr Susan KiddArtmaking in mental health: Potential for change
Marcus GardnerPhDDr Carol McKinstry, Dr Byron PerrinEffectiveness of clinical supervision for allied health
Diana GuzysPhDProfessor Amanda Kenny, Dr Virginia Dickson-Swift, Dr Guin ThrelkeldMoral distress and collective critical health literacy
Owen HowlettPhDDr Carol McKinstry, Associate Professor Natasha LanninFunctional electrical stimulation of the limbs for stroke rehabilitation

Ron Knevel


Professor Mark Gussy

Observing history rhyme: a critical analysis of the introduction of dental hygiene education in Nepal

Bridget LagingPhDProfessor Amanda Kenny, Dr Michael BauerDecision-making in nursing homes when a resident's health deteriorates
Alethea LeendertzPhDDr Carol McKinstry, Professor Amanda KennyEnablers and barriers of generalist occupational therapist services in rural and remote Australian communities: Mitigating clinical risk.
Nicola LloydPhDProfessor Amanda Kenny, Dr Nerida HyettPatient and staff co-design of healthcare services
Jill MaglioMastersDr Carol McKinstry, Dr Tracy FortuneCircus as an occupational therapy intervention.
Kate McIntoshPhDProfessor Amanda Kenny, Dr Mohd MasoodUnderstanding of rural social inclusion
Hannah SlootjesPhDDr Carol McKinstry, Professor Amanda KennyProfessional service review: the occupational needs of pregnant women during the transition into motherhood roles.
Rahila Umma-Chrstian 

Professor Mark Gussy, Professor Teresa Iacono

Exploring access to dental services for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in rural Victoria, Australia. 
Elena WilsonPhDProfessor Amanda Kenny, Dr Virginia Dickson-SwiftCommunity participation in rural health services and ethical implications


  • Kenny, A., Farmer, J., Dickson-Swift, V., O’Meara, P., Threlkeld, G., Hyett, N., Wilson, E., Aitken, J., Guyzs, D. et al (2016) Improving the health of communities through participation project: Final report. La Trobe Rural Health School: Bendigo, Victoria.
  • Hyett, N., Kenny, A., & Dickson-Swift, V., Farmer, J., Boxall, A-M.  (2014). Evidence brief: How can rural health be improved through community participation? Deeble Institute: Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Assoc.

Recent publications

2017 Publications

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2016 Publications

  • Boak R, Virgo-Milton M, Hoare A, de Silva A, Gibbs L, Gold L, Gussy M, Calache H, Smith M, Waters E (2016) Choosing foods for infants: a qualitative study of the factors that influence mothers. Child: Care, Health and Development. doi:10.1111/cch.12323
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Elizabeth Pearson, PhD Candidate

  • Occupational Therapy Australia, National Postgraduate Research Award 2017

Dr Nerida Hyett

  • Hugh Batten award (supervisor for masters of research) - LTU Faculty of Health Sciences award for highest marked minor thesis in health sciences.
  • Regional Women in Leadership Bursary 2015