About us

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The Judith Lumley Centre is a multidisciplinary public health research centre in the College of Science, Health and Engineering, School of Nursing and Midwifery at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.
Established in 1991 by Judith Lumley, the Centre has built a strong program of research addressing issues of major public health importance for mothers, parents and their infants.


  • undertake and interpret research in our research focus areas
  • contribute to policy and practice development
  • be involved in postgraduate and continuing education
  • provide advice and resources to researchers in related fields.


We have a broad public health and population focus and an inclusive approach to the social and medical aspects of health and care for parents and infants. A wide range of disciplines contribute to our research.

We emphasise the need for research, service development, evaluation and policy to be linked.

We support testing interventions in randomised trials, research translation into clinical practice, and implementation of effective and cost-effective interventions.