Scholarship FAQ

Do you have a question about scholarships? We’re here to help.

These frequently asked questions (FAQs) cover important information about scholarships offered, eligibility and how it is awarded.


To view the international scholarships (for coursework programs) that are currently offered by La Trobe, please click here.

Scholarship assessment is a part of the course application process done by our Admissions team. In most cases, scholarship eligibility is based on students’ academic merits.

To be considered for our international scholarships, you will only need to submit a fully-documented course application per normal. There is no separate application required on your end.

To find a course of your interest, please click here. Our course pages list detailed information on duration, intakes, entry requirements, fees, etc.

The La Trobe University Offshore Online Bursary (OOB) is available to students studying online while they are offshore and unable to travel to Australia. This bursary is for students who cannot have the on-campus experience due to the Australian border closure. For more information, please click here.

Please note that scholarships are available for students applying for Doctoral (PhD) only. The successful applicants must be available to commence their degree between 1 July and 30 November 2021, at a La Trobe University campus.

If you are intending to apply for a Graduate Research scholarship, you will need to select a project from a list of available projects and submit your application by the specified deadline. You will need to contact the nominated contact person for your preferred project to obtain their in-principle agreement for you to apply.  Only these projects and supervisors will have the potential to be awarded a research scholarship.

You will be required to submit additional documents:

  • A Research Statement Form for your nominated project (You can nominate only 1 project)
  • Research Proposal is NOT required unless specifically requested under Special Conditions under the relevant project details

Any other documents specified under Special Conditions under the relevant project details.

Offshore Online Bursary

La Trobe University acknowledges the challenges faced by our international students who will commence or continue their studies online from offshore due to the prolonged travel restrictions.

The OOB is a special, short term reduction in tuition fees for enrolled subjects. If you are already the recipient of an existing scholarship and/or grant you may be eligible to receive the OOB as an additional discount provided you do not exceed the combined scholarship/grant and OOB discount amount in total.

The OOB will be applicable if you are an international student who meets ALL the eligibility requirements. That is, you are a student who is:

  • either new, commencing or continuing; and
  • currently offshore (not in Australia); and
  • undertaking an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree online; and
  • enrolled at one of our campuses located in Australia.

The OOB will be applied to your enrolled subjects until you can travel to Australia and transition to on-campus study. The OOB is only applicable for the following intakes:

  • Semester 2, 2021
  • Term 4 2021
  • Term 5 2021
  • Term 6 2021
  • Term 1 2022
  • Semester 1 2022.

In this situation, you are not eligible for the OOB. Onshore international students have access to support that is not available to students currently offshore. For more information on how to access support and services that is available for on-shore international student, please contact International Student Services

Referring to the eligibility requirements, the bursary only applies to offshore international students, who are unable to travel to Australia at this stage due to the prolonged travel restrictions.

The OOB is valid for the duration of your online study taken from overseas. The bursary will no longer be applied after you are able to travel to Australia and resume your planned mode of onshore study, on-campus or blended.

New commencing students

To secure your OOB, read through the terms and conditions and email the signed form to Recruitment & International Operations within the given timeframe. In the email subject, please include the keyword ‘offshore bursary’, plus your full name and La Trobe Student ID.

Continuing eligible students

You’ll be advised of your OOB eligibility via emailYour location information is based on the data provided by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. The OOB will be automatically applied to your subject enrolment after we receive your acknowledgement of the OOB terms and conditions.

Yes. We recommend you contact our International Student Services (ISS) team as soon as you arrive in Australia.

The OOB will be reflected on your Statement of Account, based on your enrolled subjects, before the census date.

Your Statement of Account can be viewed in StudentOnLine under ‘My finances’ and ‘My documents’.

The credit balance from the bursary payment will be retained in your student account towards the payment of next semester’s tuition fees.

If you are impacted by COVID and want to apply for a refund for the additional amount paid please refer to our Refund Policy.

If you defer your initial course commencement or take an official leave of absence, your eligibility for the OOB will be suspended. If the Australian border is still closed and you recommence online study whilst remaining offshore, you will be re-assessed for eligibility.

No, the OOB will only be applied to subject fees for teaching periods commencing after 19th July 2021, including Semester 2 2021.

We will not be able to backdate this bursary to apply to any other period of study where you were studying offshore online.

Please Note: The OOB does not apply to Student Services & Amenities Fees (SSAF).

Yes, and, in most cases, the OOB will bring your total fee reduction up-to 35%.

The OOB is an additional amount that can be awarded in conjunction with your existing scholarship or grant. You will continue to hold your existing scholarships and grants as per your signed agreement.

Please note: you are only eligible for the OOB if you are an international student who is studying online, and located outside of Australia, while the Australian border remains closed.

If you believe you should be eligible but have not received this bursary, please contact the university as listed below:

Continuing students

Please contact Ask La Trobe.

New, commencing students

Please contact the Recruitment & International Operations team by email:

or phone: +61 3 9479 1199 (select Option 2).