Scholarship FAQ

Do you have a question about scholarships? We’re here to help.

These frequently asked questions (FAQs) cover important information about scholarships offered, eligibility and how it is awarded.


To view the international scholarships (for coursework programs) that are currently offered by La Trobe, please click here.

Scholarship assessment is a part of the course application process done by our Admissions team. In most cases, scholarship eligibility is based on students’ academic merits.

To be considered for our international scholarships, you will only need to submit a fully-documented course application per normal. There is no separate application required on your end.

To find a course of your interest, please click here. Our course pages list detailed information on duration, intakes, entry requirements, fees, etc.

Please note that scholarships are available for students applying for Doctoral (PhD) only.

If you are intending to apply for a Graduate Research scholarship, you will need to select a project from a list of available projects and submit your application by the specified deadline. You will need to contact the nominated contact person for your preferred project to obtain their in-principle agreement for you to apply.  Only these projects and supervisors will have the potential to be awarded a research scholarship.

You will be required to submit additional documents:

  • A Research Statement Form for your nominated project (You can nominate only 1 project)
  • Research Proposal is NOT required unless specifically requested under Special Conditions under the relevant project details

Any other documents specified under Special Conditions under the relevant project details.