Contract research

Bespoke short and long-term partnerships with industry to deliver translational research projects.

We know that industry often doesn’t work on the same timelines as universities. That’s why we’ve established a team of contract research experts who can work directly with industry partners to ensure contract research projects meet industry needs in terms of timing and deliverables.

With La Trobe, there is no ivory tower for partners to navigate.

Our partnership process begins with understanding business objectives, timeframes and key milestones. From there we curate a specialist cross-disciplinary research team that will be dedicated to your research project, ensuring you have the expertise needed to deliver.

We’ll help maximise efficiency by structuring project teams and project management in a way that works for your organisation.

We also make sure our background intellectual property (IP) is made available to enhance projects – but don’t worry, our default arrangement isn’t to ask for a share of commercial returns.

Through our dedicated industry engagement team, we have the ability to create flexible arrangements and are open to negotiation based on your needs.

Our campus spans regional and rural locations, world-class facilities and research talent. So, whether it’s a short or long-term partnership, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team today.

Any questions? We'd love to help.