Researcher spotlight

Whether it’s through providing specialist expertise and insight through short-term consulting services;  developing and delivering custom research projects; identifying and enabling joint industry-university grant funding opportunities or acting as an out-of-house R&D team with access to world-class research facilities; our researchers know how to work with industry to deliver results with economic value.

The winning team

When industry and researchers collaborate, the results can be pure victory.

World class machine-learning helps solve industry problems

For companies small and large, finding solutions to problems using AI and machine-learning is sometimes a job for the academics.

Power in partnerships

In microbiology, real-world applications abound – but the key to success is the right collaboration.

The real world

For this biomedical researcher, the end-goal of research is to benefit people – and the key to unlocking that impact is strong industry collaboration.

The vaccine frontier

For this animal vaccine specialist, building relationships with commercial partners is how impact is made – and the closer they are, the easier the journey.

An era of partnerships

Gone are the days when academia and industry stood as two separate silos – and the new era of collaboration holds endless possibilities.

A duet of excellence

What happens when Australia's most renowned ballet company joins forces with a university known for excellence in research and learning experiences?

Bringing ideas to life

Working with industry and government to improve safety and efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

From little things big things grow

As pharmaceutical company AdAlta prepares to take its first product to trial, co-location at La Trobe University provides crucial support along the way

Working together to find a cure

Researchers and clinicians are working together to translate scientific discoveries them into new treatments for the benefit of cancer patients.