How La Trobe’s partnership with Medibank is creating a healthcare ecosystem for the future

Partnership at a glance

  • Medibank has been La Trobe’s health partner since 2019.
  • The strategic partnership supports Medibank as it transforms to a health company.
  • Medibank supports La Trobe’s world-class researchers and collaborates on projects that improve patient experience and help reduce costs in the system.
  • La Trobe and Medibank are aiming to deliver a community health and wellbeing hub as part of their shared vision for the University City of the Future.
  • Students benefit from the Medibank engagement, which includes everything from paid internships and scholarships to on-campus health and wellbeing support for international students.
  • The partnership is building the skilled healthcare workforce of the future, geared to the needs of industry.

Case Study

Medibank and La Trobe University’s collaboration isn’t just a partnership: together, they’ve created an ecosystem of engagement in the broadest sense, spanning the campus and serving students, staff and the local community.

If you’re a student, for example, you might reap the benefits in many ways. Medibank could have helped design the course that leads to your brilliant career; your paid internship, research project or PhD scholarship might be supported by Medibank, and some of your health needs – from seeing a physio to your annual flu shot – might be delivered by Medibank practitioners.

The world beyond the campus, too, is reaping the benefits of the partnership: Medibank and La Trobe have exciting plans to design and deliver a community health and wellbeing hub as part of their shared vision for the University City of the Future.

The university sector connects with every single part of our organisation, and that’s the power of our La Trobe partnership

Becky Hyde
Senior Executive,
Medibank (Overseas and Corporate Portfolio)

“We can talk health and wellbeing across the continuum. It’s about mutual value and a shared vision,” she says.

Already an established supporter of La Trobe’s world-class research – backing projects that aim to reduce injuries in young sportswomen, for example, and improve mental health and wellbeing – Hyde says the partnership allows Medibank to make a deeper commitment to projects with impact.

“We’re focused on projects that improve patient outcomes and experience, and that manage costs in the health system. We want to support the health of our customers and all Australians, and research is key to that.”

Student pathways and development, too, is a key focus of the partnership.

We want to create those clinical placement opportunities between our two organisations to invest in the health workforce of the future, well trained and industry ready

Becky Hyde
Senior Executive,
Medibank (Overseas and Corporate Portfolio)

In turn, Medibank offers the La Trobe community health and wellbeing services on site, including flu shots and seminars about wellbeing, stress management and even tips about setting up an ergonomic workstation. During COVID-19 lockdowns, Medibank delivered food hampers to stranded international students.

“We have a dedicated team to support the health and wellbeing of international students, including a 24/7 health advice line. It’s incredibly important that they have a touch point to call to ask for help when they need it, and we’re so pleased to be there for them.”

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