Environmental microbial genetics

Our laboratory research interests include three main areas within microbial genetics:

1. Processes and mechanism involved in horizontal gene transfer that contribute to the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

2. Microbiology and genetics of wastewater microorganisms that are both beneficial and detrimental to the process.

3. Bacteriophage therapy and biocontrol of problematic bacteria in the environmental and clinical settings.

Current projects

  • Epidemiological studies on Tn5053-family transposons in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Understanding the mechanism of transposition of the Tn5053-family transposons
  • Evolutionary relationships of conjugative plasmids that give rise to antibiotic resistance
  • Whole genome sequencing of bacteria and bacteriophages in wastewater treatment plants
  • Bacteriophage biocontrol of problematic bacteria in wastewater treatment plants
  • Population dynamics of bacteriophages and bacteria in wastewater treatment plants
  • Development of pharmaceutical products containing bacteriophages for therapy
  • Development of bacteriophage sensors

Team members

Research leader: Associate Professor Steve Petrovski

Honorary Postdoc: Dr Steven Batinovic

PhD students: Aurelie Tsee Woon Yuen, Cassandra Stanton, Dr Mark Chan, Shalini Kunhikannan

Masters Student: Jayson Rose,Beau Patrick, Damian Hughes

Honours students:Robbie Davey, Kelsey Maloney