Anthropometry and impact biomechanics

Our focus, is the application of anatomical and biomechanical techniques to investigate injury prevention strategies. Our research has concentrated on hip fracture prevention, particularly the role of the gluteal muscles as an energy absorption medium when using energy shunting type hip protectors.

Anthropometric studies have quantified variations in pelvic bony and soft tissue anatomy to improve the design of hip protectors and prosthetic devices. This laboratory has a number of existing collaborations within La Trobe University, as well as the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and the University of New South Wales.

Current projects

  • Finite Element Modelling (FEM) of fall induced load transmission to the hip region with hard shell hip protectors. (Collaboration with Prof. Raphael Grzebieta and Dr Mario Mongiodarno, Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research School of Aviation, University of New South Wales).
  • Use of Skeletal Medial-Lateral distance for the design of transfemoral ischial containment sockets. (Collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Michael Dillon Prosthetics and Orthotics, College of Science Health and Engineering, Latrobe University).
  • Variations of hip muscle morphology using mummies using computed tomography 3D imaging. (Collaboration with, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine)
  • Intracranial review and gender determination of juvenile Egyptian mummies using computed tomography 3D imaging. (Collaboration with Dr Janet Davies, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and Dr John H Taylor of the British Museum).

Team members

Group leader: Dr Richard Fernandez