About the Department of Management and Marketing

The Department of Management and Marketing is transforming business thinking and practice for positive social impact.

We offer education programs in Business Management and Marketing that are future-focused, distinctive and innovative – and foster lifelong learning. Our degrees, majors and short courses are available at La Trobe University’s Melbourne and regional campuses.

We strive to produce graduates who are responsible decision-makers, with a commitment to sustainable business practices and sustainable development.

We work with industry to ensure that our courses equip students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they need to succeed in a dynamic business environment. Our students gain real world experience through our Work Integrated Learning program, industry projects, and contact with business leaders and practitioners.

Our students are also encouraged to engage globally through a range of mobility programs. We have education and research partnerships in China, Germany, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.

Our staff are research leaders who produce high impact outcomes. They collaborate with industry to provide leadership, and practical solutions, to the big challenges of our time. Our research supports the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals of gender equality, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, responsible consumption and production, and climate action.

Photo of Dr Nicola McNeil

We have a crucial role to play in developing future business leaders who not only understand the tensions between the economic and social objectives of business, but can balance those tensions effectively.

Dr Nicola McNeil
Head, Department of Management and Marketing

Future-focused learning

The Department of Management and Marketing offers undergraduate majors in Management, Human Resource Management, Event Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Sport Management, and Enterprise Skills and Marketing.

Our postgraduate programs focus on Business Administration, Marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Engineering Management.

We partner closely with industry to give students business experience. Through projects, case studies, and engagement with industry leaders and business practitioners, our students build their skills and professional networks while they study.

Our postgraduate degrees, and continuing development programs, give business professionals the opportunity to upskill, reskill, advance into leadership roles or pursue research.

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Research impact

Our academic staff work with industry, government and the community on research that transforms business practice and drives social change.

We are consistently rated at world standard in the Australian Research Council’s Excellence in Research for Australia.

Our researchers are sought after to inform government reviews and policy changes. Their findings improve sustainable business practices.

Our graduate researchers are also helping to change the business landscape for the better.

Our Higher Degree Research and Postgraduate Coursework programs give candidates the opportunity to join a vibrant community of researchers who use robust methods and ideas to address all aspects of business thinking and practice.

Our contribution aligns with La Trobe University's research themes: Social change and equity, Healthy people, families and communities, Resilient environments and communities, and Sustainable food and agriculture.

Our research is grouped into five key areas:

Our researchers explore how organisations create shared value through meaningful work, innovative management and governance practices, and inclusive work environments.

Our research contributes to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Eight, of decent work and economic growth.

Our researchers examine sport, tourism and event management, and the impact these industries have on our economic and social wellbeing. We explore sustainable management and governance practices within these industries, and the evaluation and continuous improvement of programs and practices that promote social inclusion.

Our research contributes to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Four, of good health and wellbeing, and Goal Twelve, of responsible consumption and production.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are thriving in Victoria, with the State’s start-up ecosystem currently valued at $23.6 billion. It has grown by 129% in the past three years, representing more than 2,600 start-ups that are rapidly becoming the heartbeat of a new economy. Our researchers examine contemporary entrepreneurship and start-up challenges.

Our research contributes to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Eight, of decent work and economic growth, and Goal Nine, of industry, innovation and infrastructure.

Our researchers examine real world issues faced by consumers, businesses and society. We build on deep market understandings to help organisations create strong engagement with consumers and stakeholders.

Our research contributes to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Twelve, of responsible consumption and production.

Our researchers examine strategic and operational challenges relating to business and supply chain management in industries such as logistics and transportation, agribusiness and healthcare. We develop data-driven solutions that support managers and policy makers to make informed decisions about sustainable business models and respond to supply chain trends and disruption.

Our research contributes to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Nine, of industry, innovation and infrastructure, and Goal Twelve, of responsible consumption and production.

Research centres

Our staff lead La Trobe’s Centre for Sport and Social Impact, and play key roles in the Centre for Data Analytics and Cognition.

The Centre for Sport and Social Impact is shaping the future of Australian sport and physical activity through research and engagement with industry and government. Its research addresses significant health and social issues including physical inactivity, social exclusion, physical illiteracy, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption and gambling. The Centre supports its research partners to develop and deliver policies, strategies and processes to address these critical social issues.

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