Library services

To promote Chinese language and culture in Australia and support academic research related to China, the Centre for China Studies established a library under the auspices of La Trobe University, Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, the Consulate General of People's Republic of China in Melbourne and Professor David Holm. 

The library currently houses approximately 5000 books and 50 different types of journals and newspapers, covering literature, art, culture, history, politics, economics, management, health, law, science and many other subject areas. The majority of the collection is in Chinese, which provides interested scholars and students a rich resource related to China studies. The collection also owns hundreds of language text books and materials for Chinese language learners.

Library Collection

Chinese character support is required on your computer to read the catalogue.

Loan Conditions

  • Before a loan is approved, the borrower must present a La Trobe University Student/Staff Identity Card.
  • A borrower shall be responsible for the safekeeping of any items borrowed.
  • No items on loan shall be transferred from the Borrower to any other person.
  • Loan quotas: maximum 5 items.
  • Loan period: 4 weeks.


A Borrower may apply to the CI staff no less than 1 week before the Due Date for a loan extension. Only one extension of 4 weeks may be granted.

CI staff may decline to allow a loan extension if it is considered that the item in question is in demand. Extensions do not apply to any journals or newspapers.

Damage or Defacement

Any damage or defacement of Library Materials by marking, erasure or mutilations is forbidden and the Borrower of any item returned damaged may, at the discretion of the Institute's staff, be charge with a Replacement Fee, or may be charged such sum as the staff consider sufficient to effect repair of the damaged item or items.

Opening Hours

The library is open to the staff and students of La Trobe University twice a week. At present, this is Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 5pm.