Analytics for Australian futures

“My Big Idea” is a nationwide ideas competition organized by the Australian Futures Project focused on creating a positive change for Australia. The competition allows citizens to submit ideas on ways to improve different aspects of the country. Australians are then encouraged to vote for on the ideas that they feel passionate about.

The top 100 ideas then go before a judging panel, with 10 winning being developed and brought to life.

Australian Futures Project has partnered with La Trobe University for the competition. The SAS Analytics Innovation Lab is supporting this initiative with data analysis.

We have created an interactive dashboard which facilitates the analysis of ideas submitted and votes cast. It allows for:

  • drilling down votes based on topic
  • voter demographic,
  • voting timeline
  • text analytics of idea submissions


  • Ralph Ashton, Executive Director, Australian Futures Project
  • Angela Han, Program Officer, Australian Futures Project