Australian Pork Limited

"#Always on my mind" : Investigating the pyschosocial behaviour, and emotional impressions of memorable eating experiences in the age of selfies and hashtags.

Australian Pork Limited LogoThis project will help Australian Pork Limited (APL) gain a better understanding of the variables which promotes pleasure when eating food from a product perspective, from social interaction or personal relationships and also to investigate the variables that make a meal, recipe or occasion memorable creating a desire for it to be repeated.

The project outputs will lead to the following outcomes and benefits for the industry stakeholders:

1. Knowledge of consumer touch-points (purchase, preparation, cooking, consumption to social engagement) that leads to a positive eating experience.

2. Improved understanding of consumer segments for Australian pork - leading to targeted marketing campaigns and promotions.

3. Critical success factors for developing visibility, engagement and traction on all leading social media platforms.