Australia and Vietnam - harnessing the positive momentum

Canberra and Hanoi are increasingly more aligned in strategic priorities and like-minded in many ways, writes Huong Le Thu.

Building stronger relations between Australia and ASEAN

ASEAN countries need to prove themselves worthy to become strategic partners for middle and even major powers, writes Lina Alexandra.

Australia, ASEAN and geoeconomic competition

Geoeconomics has become a fact of life in the Indo-Pacific. It is a shared interest between Australia and Southeast Asia which needs more attention, writes Jeffrey Wilson.

COVID-19’s impact on Indonesia’s domestic and regional security

COVID-19 is putting Indonesia's domestic institutions and regional security defences to the test, writes Natalie Sambhi.

Thailand protests while Australia watches from the sidelines

Australia needs to take a step back and reflect upon its partnership with the people of Thailand, writes Yawee Butrkrawee.

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