What happened to “gatchi gabsida (we go together)”?

The United States and North Korea both share a desire to achieve a breakthrough, but to different ends.

A president yet to make his mark

It appears that the reaction to Trump’s controversial policies about Muslim travel bans may have had a negative impact on his already limited popularity.

The empire wants you back

Duterte has no issues with Trump. In fact, he wished him a second term.

Taiwan's wildcard

The risk for Taiwan is that it is a pawn on a greater chessboard of President Trump and Chairman Xi

Accelerating instability in the region

Nearly four years on the Trump administration’s policy has helped make Asia a more dangerous place than it was in 2016.

Strongest in the region?

The election of Donald Trump was met with cautious optimism in Vietnam, and there is every reason for the two countries to continue on a positive trajectory.

Trump in Asia

The fourth issue of the La Trobe Asia Brief examines the developing relationship between the United States and Asia.

The Belt and Road Guard Rail

Who ensures environmental and social standards in China's grand plan?

Cosplay and identity

Cosplay and Identity

Migrating increases diabetes risk for South Asians

A study finds that South Asians who migrate face greater risk of developing lifestyle diseases as their exercise patterns change.

Melting Opportunities

The third issue of the La Trobe Asia Brief explores the impact of climate and conflict on the Himalaya

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