New approach to climate change on Tambaliza island

The story of a community which came together through ‘Bayanihan’ to accomplish a specific task and support each other to rebuild after Typhoon Haiyan, and adapt to climate change.

Yoshio Sugimoto honoured by the Emperor of Japan

Emeritus Professor honoured for significant contribution to academic exchange.

Partnership explores new avenues of research in the Philippines

La Trobe University and Ateneo de Manila University's partnership leads a PhD program encouraging a growth in research collaboration between scholars in the Philippines and Australia.

Was social distancing in Indonesia cost-effective?

A study of health responses in Indonesia calculated the cost benefit of social distancing measures versus more relaxed approaches towards managing the pandemic.

New initiative to further Philippines studies in Australia

The agreement is facilitated by a donation to La Trobe University from the Philippine Consulate in Melbourne.

More support and training needed for midwives in Vietnam

Researchers have shown that a larger workforce and more training is needed to address burnout among midwives in Vietnam

Blockchain helps monitor COVID-19 vaccinations

Blockchain technology could help reduce the risk of fraud tests and ensure an optimised vaccination process.

Healthcare responses to gender-based violence in Timor-Leste

Research shows that Timorese women want their health providers to show empathy, and provide information and safety after experiencing violence or abuse.

Improving nursing standards in Indonesia

New project to assess nursing standards in Australia and Indonesia

Advocating for unheard voices in seafood slavery

A new report explores issues of modern slavery and forced labour in the offshore fishing industry in the Asia Pacific Region.

Language and ethnic identity in China under threat

Dr Gerald Roche has given testimony on language rights to the United States Congressional-Executive Commission on China.

Analysing the quality of COVID-19 videos on social media

TikTok videos on COVID-19 vaccines are often more understandable than YouTube or Facebook Watch, but those posted on YouTube are generally more comprehensive and reliable.

Myanmar's instability leaves ASEAN with a dilemma

Myanmar presents a dilemma for ASEAN, but the need for stability may surpass its need to uphold its key principles, says Lachlan Cropley.

South Korea's blue water ambitions

South Korea needs a blue water naval mission better aligned with regional priorities, writes Alexander M. Hynd.

What democracy means to Indonesia

There is too much alternative pressure in Indonesia for a liberal democracy to comfortably flourish, writes Ash Tziolas.

Fitting the Pacific into Indo-Pacific

A free and open Indo-Pacific must centre climate change and ensure Pacific voices are being elevated, writes Kate Clayton.

Australian investment into the Indo-Pacific and AUKUS

AUKUS presents Australia with a practical opportunity to proactively collaborate in the development of critical technologies in the Indo-Pacific

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