LGBTIQ health and wellbeing

ARCSHS is the largest research centre focussed on LGBTIQ health and wellbeing in Australia, and since the 1990s has led the field internationally in investigating the experiences and needs of LGBTIQ communities. This research theme aims to advance knowledge of the lives of LGBTIQ individuals and communities, particularly as they relate to health and wellbeing. The new knowledge produced is used by the Centre and others to lead public discussion around the experiences of LGBTIQ communities, and to inform service delivery and policy responses.

Responsive pandemic practice


LGBTIQ+ family violence service innovation in Victoria during COVID-19

Shane Worrell, Jackson Fairchild, Carolyn Gillespie, Alyssha Fooks, Stephanie Lusby, Marina Carman, Libby Jamieson, Adam Bourne

LGBTIQ+ family violence services in Victoria, Australia, underwent a significant transformation due to the impacts of COVID-19. Responsive pandemic practice explores how two LGBTIQ+ community-controlled organisations responded to the suspension of most in-person family violence services in 2020.

Responsive pandemic practice: LGBTIQ+ family violence service innovation in Victoria during COVID-19 report

Practice guide:Lessons from pandemic-driven LGBTIQ+ family violence service innovations

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Cartoon design of a group of diverse people with rainbow accessories and gender-non-conforming presentation, standing in a line with their arms on each others' shoulders

Lean on Me


Exploring suicide prevention and mental health-related peer support in Melbourne’s LGBTQ communities

Shane Worrell, Andrea Waling, Joel Anderson, Jackson Fairchild, Anthony Lyons, Christopher A. Pepping and Adam Bourne

Lean on Me Report (PDF 0.9MB)

Lean on Me Executive Summary (PDF 0.5MB)

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Writing Themselves In


A National Study on the Sexual Health of Same-Sex Attracted and Gender Questioning Young People

Writing Themselves In is the largest national study series exploring the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ young people in Australia. These studies have documented high levels of harm, and examined the impact that stigma and discrimination had on the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ+ young people, as well as seeking to better understand who LGBTIQ+ young people turn to when in need.

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Blue and teal abstract swirl design with white text "Healing spiritual harms: Supporting recovery from LGBTQA+ change and suppression practices

Healing Spiritual Harms


Supporting recovery from LGBTQA+ change and suppression practices

This research report presents findings from a project conducted in partnership with the Brave Network, the Australian LGBTIQ+ Multicultural Council (AGMC) and the Victorian Government on recovery support needs of survivors of LGBTQA+ change and suppression (conversion) practices. The report provides a detailed account of survivors’ support needs. Its findings are intended to inform health practitioners and others working to meet the support needs of LGBTQA+ people who are recovering from the harms associated with LGBTQA+ change and suppression practices.

Healing spiritual harms: Supporting recovery from LGBTQA+ change and suppression practices (PDF, 4.4MB).

Polygonal map of Australia overlaid with rainbow stripes and text 'Private Lives 3

Private Lives


A national survey of the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ people in Australia.

Private Lives is a series of national surveys of the health and wellbeing of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Australians. The first Private Lives was released in 2006, and was, at that time, the largest survey of its kind conducted anywhere in the world.

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TRANScending Discrimination in Health & Cancer Care


A study of trans and gender diverse Australians

Lucille Kerr, Christopher M. Fisher and Tiffany Jones

TRANScending Discrimination in Health & Cancer Care (PDF, 2.2MB)

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Understanding LGBTI+ Lives in Crisis


Andrea Waling, Gene Lim, Sheila Dhalla, Anthony Lyons and Adam Bourne

In partnership with Lifeline Australia, and with support from QLife and ACON, this research report presents findings of lesbian (L), gay (G), bisexual (B), transgender (T), intersex people (I), and other sexual identity and gender diverse individuals (+) use of crisis support services (CSS) in Australia. This is the first research of its kind in Australia that explores the needs of LGBTI+ people during a time of personal or mental health crises. It focuses on their uptake and familiarity with crisis support services in Australia, their perceptions and experiences with crisis support services, and where they might seek other professional mental health service support during a time of crisis. This study enhances the evidence base for those working to design, resource or deliver services to meet the needs of LGBTI people in Australia during times of crisis.

Understanding LGBTI+ Lives in Crisis (PDF, 4.6MB)

Two non-binary young people walking down a street, one with long purple hair and a floral dress and one with an undercut, shirt and jumper, earring and septum piercing

From Blues To Rainbows


The mental health and well-being of gender diverse and transgender young people in Australia

Elizabeth Smith, Tiffany Jones, Roz Ward, Jennifer Dixon, Anne Mitchell and Lynne Hillier

From Blues to Rainbows (PDF, 5.6MB)