Day after day, year after year, women make an immeasurable contribution to our economy and society, and yet their achievements are still not adequately acknowledged by the conventional history or the wider public record.

La Trobe is working to help ‘square the ledger’ by documenting and celebrating the ordinary and extraordinary lives of women who have walked the halls of the University — as students, educators, and administrators — ensuring that their contributions and impact become known and acknowledged for generations to come.

La Trobe University, in partnership with the Victorian Women’s Trust, seeks to honour and celebrate the diversity and multitude of the contributions that women have made by telling their stories.

Square the Ledger is a shout out for the women who have studied or worked at La Trobe University. We know they are out there making a difference, building and sustaining communities, innovating and achieving in quiet and not-so-quiet ways that have time and time again been overlooked on the public record.

We need these stories.

We also wouldn't be here without the mammoth effort of our volunteers. They have contributed tirelessly to this project and we are so proud to continue on in the courageous spirit of the original.

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La Trobe would like to acknowledge the many volunteers who contribute to this project, especially our students.

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