Public charging

Public EV charging bays can be found in the following locations:

  • Melbourne (Bundoora) – CP1, CP3, CP6, CP7A, LTSS
  • Bendigo – CP1, CP7A
  • Albury-Wodonga – CP2 (next to the football fields)

These bays are equipped with Level 2 chargers, which provide around 40km of charge per hour and take roughly 2-5 hours to fully charge a vehicle. The chargers are free to use, you just need to ensure you’ve paid for parking and provide your own cable to plug in.

How to use public chargers

Your vehicle must be unlocked to start and stop charging but can be locked and left while it charges.

Start charging

  1. Green lights illuminated on the station indicate the charger is ready for use
  2. Open the Chargefox app and unlock the port you wish to use.
    Fleet vehicles – swipe your Chargefox RFID card on the station
  3. Press the green button above the port to unlock the cover
  4. Lift flap and plug in the cable to the charger, then plug it into your car
  5. Your car will automatically start charging - the light on the vehicle's charging port will briefly turn green to indicate charging has begun.

Stop charging

  1. Open the Chargefox app and stop the charging session
    Fleet vehicles – swipe your Chargefox RFID card on the station
  2. Press the red button on the station and unplug the charger from your car
    OR unlock your car and unplug the cable from the car within 20 seconds
  3. Press the red button above the port to release the cable from the station
  4. Unplug your cable, close the port cover and return the cable to your car

Watch how to use the public EV Chargers