Fleet charging

Passenger fleet EVs and chargers can be found in:

  • Melbourne (Bundoora) – Car Park 6
  • Bendigo – Car Park 10
  • Albury-Wodonga – Car Park 2

These chargers are accessible via swipe card behind boom gates. You can book a fleet vehicle for intercampus travel through GoGet on the intranet.

At Bundoora, there are 2 fast charging stations at the north end of the car park, which provide around 250km of charge per hour and take roughly 20-60 minutes to fully charge a vehicle. These fast chargers have been installed to enable seamless intercampus travel. There are another 14 regular charging stations, the same as are available for public use. Fleet EV cars should get a return journey from Bendigo to Bundoora on 1 charge.

Please remember:

  • Don’t go over 350km without considering charging.
  • Don’t take fleet EVs to Mildura or Shepparton – we don’t have any chargers at these campuses.
  • If you’re travelling intercampus for a meeting, plug into a fast charger and go.
  • ABC – Always Be Charging. Always plug your fleet vehicle into a charging station when on campus, and be mindful when using a fast charger to not leave it plugged in longer than needed.

How to use fleet fast chargers

Your vehicle must be unlocked to start and stop charging but can be locked and left while it charges. Fast chargers are available for fleet cars only and not for public use.

Start charging

  1. Swipe your Chargefox RFID card on the station you wish to use
  2. Green lights illuminated on the station indicate the charger is ready for use
  3. Plug the cable into your car
  4. Press the green button to start charging - the light on the vehicle's charging port will briefly turn green to indicate charging has begun.

Stop charging

  1. Swipe your Chargefox RFID card on the station and press the stop button - the light on the vehicle's charging port will turn blue, indicating the charger can be removed.
  2. Unplug the cable from your car and return it to the station.

More information

For more information on how to charge your vehicle using the Chargefox network, visit the Chargefox website.