Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I park at the Melbourne Campus?

Melbourne Campus Parking map

Do I need to pay for parking at the Melbourne Campus?

Yes, you must pay for parking between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

How much does parking cost?

Parking fees vary depending on permit type and duration. Refer to the parking fees table for further details.

Do people with disabilities need to pay for parking?

Yes, a valid general car parking permit is required for all disabled spaces. In addition, a valid disability permit issued by the local Council must be displayed when parking in disabled spaces.

I have a temporary medical condition but I am not disabled. Where can I park?

If you hold a valid parking permit, please submit a written ‘medical request’ to The Traffic office will assess your request and if approved, provide a temporary parking permit for a closer parking area. For non-permit holders, please use the Visitors car park.

Is there a charge for Motorcycle parking?

No, motorcycle parking is free in areas reserved for motorcycles in Car Parks 3, 6 and the Visitor's Car Park.

Motorcycles may also be parked in any general (white) car parking bays with the purchase of a valid parking permit.

How do I purchase a parking permit?

Choose from the permit types below and follow the link for details on how to purchase.

  • vPermit
    • Virtual permits (replacing window stickers)
    • Suited to staff and students parking frequently
  • CellOPark pay-as-you-go
    • Virtual parking ticket
    • Suited to casual parking
    • Pay only for the time you park
    • Pay to park via App, phone or online

  • Pay-by-Plate
    • Virtual parking ticket
    • Suited to casual parking
    • Pay for an hour or the whole day
    • Enter your vehicle registration into the ticket machine

How will the inspectors know if I haven't paid to park?

Your vehicle registration number is recorded when you purchase a vPermit, start a parking session with CellOPark or purchase a Pay-By-Plate permit. Vehicle registration numbers are scanned by parking officers using vehicle mounted license plate recognition software.

What do I do if I receive a parking infringement notice?

Vehicles without an appropriate parking permit or those parked contrary to the requirements of car park signage will be issued with parking infringement notices. If you receive an infringement notice, please review the details on the back of the notice for how to pay. If you intend to appeal an infringement, refer to the infringement notice for details.

What programs do La Trobe have in place to encourage staff and students to use more sustainable methods of transport?

There are many sustainable transport options depending on where you live, these include:

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Carpooling
  • Public

The Melbourne Campus provides a number of on-site bicycle facilities including secure lockers and cages, hundreds of bike hoops and repair facilities. A free monthly breakfast is also offered to bicycle riders.

The Campus can also be reached by bus, tram or train depending on where you are traveling from. We offer staff a reduced rate annual pass through the Myki commuter club.

If you need to drive, consider registering for carpooling to share costs.


How do I pay for my vPermit if I don't have a credit or debit card?

You can pre-purchase a credit card from Australia Post and most banks and major supermarkets.

How many cars can I register on my vPermit?

Each vPermit can have up to three vehicles registered however only one vehicle can be "active" at any one time. You can manage your list of vehicles in vPermit online.

Parking infringements are issued using licence plate recognition. As the permit holder, you are responsible for ensuring the correct registration number is nominated in your vPermit account. Failure to do so may result in an infringement being issued.

Can I buy a Red Reserved or Black permit?

Red Reserved and Black permits are for staff who have been assigned a specific parking space. Eligibility criteria applies and you should only select these permits after consulting with Traffic and Parking.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my vPermit?

No, refunds are not available for cancelled permits.

Extenuating circumstances may be considered. For more information, contact Traffic and Parking.

vPermits paid for via salary deduction will not be charged for the pay period in which you cancel your permit.

How do I add the vPermit website to the home screen of my smartphone?

Android: Launch Chrome for Android and open the vPermit web page that you want to pin to your home screen. Tap the menu button and tap “Add to home screen”.

If using Firefox for Android, tap the menu button, tap the “Page” option and then tap “Add to Home Screen”.

iOS: Launch the Safari browser on Apple’s iOS and navigate to the vPermit webpage you want to add to your home screen. Tap the “Share” button on the browser’s toolbar and then tap the “Add to Home Screen” icon in the Share menu.

Windows Phone: Open the vPermit webpage you want to pin in Internet Explorer. Tap the More (…) button and tap “pin to start” in the menu that appears.


Is there a charge for using the CellOPark service?

No, there is no charge for using the CellOPark service. Additional charges only apply for the premium service, which includes sending you SMS reminders when your parking is about to finish. For premium service costs refer to CellOPark's Terms and Conditions.

How much will it cost to call and activate/deactivate my parking session?

Standard call and data charges apply. Please contact your mobile phone provider for further details.

When will I get charged for my CellOPark parking transactions?

Refer to the Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions on the CellOPark website.

How can I pay for CellOPark PAYG parking if I don't have a credit/debit card?

You can purchase a prepaid parking card to use for CellOpark parking from the La Trobe Student Union. Alternatively, pre-paid credit cards can be purchased from Australia Post and most banks and major supermarkets.

What if I don't have a phone on me when I need to park?

You can login to your online account on the CellOPark website and start your parking session from there.

What if I forget to end my parking session when I leave the car park?

In car parks 2A, 2B and 2C a daily flat rate will apply so you won't need to end your session each day and won't be charged any extra. If you park in any of the other car parks and forget to end your session, you won't be charged more than the daily capped rate.

What if I select the wrong zone?

If you select the wrong zone you may be fined, so if you park in different areas make sure you double check you've picked the right one.

What if I leave the campus during the day?

If you park in car parks 2A, 2B and 2C where a daily flat rate applies, you won't need to end your session and can return to these car parks on the same day.

If you park in the other car parks where the hourly rate is charged by the minute, you should end your parking session before leaving the campus. You will need to start a new session when you return.

Can I use CellOPark PAYG parking if I'm just visiting the campus once?

Yes, visitors can register with CellOPark and pay by app, phone or web.

Where can I get more information about CellOPark Pay-As-You-Go parking?

See the CellOPark website.