Professional Internship Program

Professional Internship Program

All our students have the opportunity to gain highly valuable work experience in the industry related to their studies through our Professional Internship Program. Our Program prepares you for the Australian workforce and provides crucial professional experience, which means you have an important advantage over other graduates when applying for jobs.

Get the competitive advantage

An internship is critical in the development of your skills, you will be more advanced and confident when you move into the workforce. Our Professional Internship Program can:

  • significantly improve your ability of gaining employment - in fact 83% of Professional Internship graduates were employed within 6 months after graduation
  • add value to your resume with relevant work experience
  • assist you in developing communication skills in the business environment
  • deepen your understanding of the requirements and expectations of the industry
  • give you the opportunity to make personal connections within their industry and, potentially, a referee.

Who can participate?

All students at La Trobe University Sydney Campus can participate in our Professional Internship Program. As it’s important that students have some basic knowledge and skills to be able to put into practice during the internship, master students can apply in first or second year and bachelor students can only apply in either second, third or fourth year.

It has been shown that students who have done at least one year of study benefit significantly more than those who have just commenced their course.

What type of work do interns do?

Students in our program gain real industry experience. We guarantee at least 70% of the work they do to be directly related to their field of study. This means students can be assured they won’t spend their weeks as a make-shift receptionist, cleaner or doing menial tasks.

Internship partners

There are more than 2000 host partners from Fortune 500 companies, multi-national and ASX 100 companies, to small and medium sized businesses.

To qualify to be a host business, the organisation undergoes a formal review process to ensure they can offer a quality professional experience for students. All host businesses must have a minimum of 10 staff.


The Professional Internship Program fee is A$2000. However, this fee will be paid by La Trobe University Sydney Campus as part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring all students have the best possible opportunities to succeed.

How to apply

Visit Sydney Campus Reception to apply for the Program.