Indigenous Accommodation Scholarship

Terms and conditions

  1. La Trobe equity and access scholarships are awarded on the condition that the recipient maintains enrolment at La Trobe University in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course. These scholarships are awarded for the normal full-time duration of the course you are enrolled in at the time you accept the scholarship.
  2. Normally, this scholarship cannot be held in conjunction with any other La Trobe scholarship.
  3. The scholarship is not transferrable to another institution.
  4. You may transfer your course within La Trobe, change campus, or take a leave of absence from your studies and retain your scholarship.  As the length of your scholarship is based on the full-time completion length the course you originally enrolled in at La Trobe, your accommodation may not cover the entirety of the course you transfer to. Please contact the Scholarships Office for specific advice regarding your scholarship in relation to your studies.
  5. You are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress each semester. If you do not maintain satisfactory academic progress, your scholarship may be at risk of suspension or termination. We encourage you to access the IAEP Program through Indigenous Student Services and to contact your Indigenous Advisor if your academic progress is unsatisfactory.
  6. La Trobe University will terminate your scholarship if:
    1. you cease to meet any of the eligibility criteria or ongoing requirements
    2. the full period of the scholarship has been paid for the maximum duration allowed
    3. you do not resume study at the conclusion of a period of leave of absence or do not meet all of the University’s requirements
    4. you are found to have committed serious academic misconduct or general misconduct
    5. you are found to have breached the Indigenous Code of Conduct or any of the Living at La Trobe Agreements
    6. you are responsible for any damages to property incurred by you while receiving the LIAS.
  7. It is your responsibility to contact the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and Centrelink for advice regarding the taxation and social security payment implications of the scholarship.
  8. Please download a copy of these Terms and Conditions for your reference.