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Thinking about taking the next step at La Trobe? Find out everything you need to know about postgraduate study with our range of live and on-demand webinars.

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Discover what’s coming up next and register to attend a live webinar. With live Q&A sessions at the end of each webinar, you'll get your questions about studying at La Trobe answered by the academics who teach the course, as well as current students and alumni. You’ll also get insights on course content and structure, graduate outcomes like salary findings and career opportunities, the application process and more.

  • Tuesday 04 June 06:00pm
    Are you ready to build a rewarding career in archaeology? Join La Trobe's exclusive webinar on the Master of Archaeology. Discover how our program can be tailored to meet your needs and gain insight into potential career paths. Take part in a live Q&A session and make an informed decision about your future. Register now!

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Master of International Development

Make a meaningful impact in the world of development with a qualification that focuses on sustainability, social justice and community engagement across cultures.

Dr Brooke Wilmsen, director of the Master of International Development and senior lecturer, takes you through the course’s range of specialisations and subjects, your flexible study options and where you can take your qualification.

Duration: 8 min 26 sec

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Master of International Relations

Join the dynamic field of international relations. Build a global mindset, learn from passionate academics, and explore a range of areas like foreign policies, human security, globalisation and more.

In this webinar, Michael O’Keefe, director of the Master of International Relations, discusses how this course can help you become a content specialist and content translator in your area of interest.

Duration: 5 min 34 sec

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No upcoming events at the moment. Check back soon.

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Master of Professional Accounting

Over the past decade, the demand for accountants has surged and is set for continued growth. Propel your career in accounting, positioning yourself for excellence in fulfilling the rising demand.

In this webinar, academic researcher Esin Ozdil explores how this course can enhance your skills, foster expertise, and prepare you for the dynamic field of accounting. With flexible study options, you’ll embrace hands-on practical learning to develop a comprehensive, globally recognised skill set.

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Global Master of Business Administration

Accelerate your career and become an adaptable leader sought by global businesses.

Dr. Geraldine Kennett delves into La Trobe’s GMBA — a globally recognised postgraduate qualification designed for early career professionals. Discover a practical, industry-focused course with AACSB international accreditation, highlighting skill development, networking opportunities, and the potential for international study tours. Explore how the GMBA can open doors to diverse industries, preparing you for management and leadership roles.

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Master of Financial Analysis

Gain advanced knowledge and skills needed to navigate the financial sector and hone your abilities in making informed investment decisions for both organisations and individuals.

In this webinar, Associate Professor Dinh Phan details the course's structured curriculum and the integration of cutting-edge technologies for navigating global financial markets.

Affiliated with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) institute and delivered by a top-four ranked finance team in Australia, this course provides invaluable insights to prepare you for success in various finance careers.

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Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Elevate your career in supply chain management, a thriving field with increasing demand for skilled professionals.

In this webinar, Sean Arisian, teacher and researcher, outlines key course highlights and potential career outcomes. Stay ahead with exposure to the latest industrial standards and valuable guidance from seasoned industry professionals. You’ll graduate with job ready employability, skillset, and the experiences needed to tackle real world industry challenges, in sales, negotiations, teamwork, leadership and communication.

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Master of Business Analytics

Gain highly sought-after skills that bridge the gap between analytics and non-analytics professionals.

Dr Binh Tran discusses how this course can help you take your career to the next level. Tailor your studies to match your specific interest and career goals by choosing specialisations in logistics, artificial intelligence, data science, digital health, entrepreneurship and innovation, or accounting.

You’ll develop the ability to craft innovative solutions for a diverse range of businesses and organisations, ensuring not only staying ahead of industry trends but also consistently enhancing your expertise in this ever-evolving landscape.

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  • Tuesday 14 May 06:00pm
    In an ever-changing educational landscape, teachers need up-to-date skills, an open mind and a wealth of professional experience. Find out about flexible learning options, government funding and discover what it's like to study the Master of Teaching Primary or Master of Teaching Secondary at La Trobe University. Hear about our award winning Nexus program!

  • Thursday 06 June 06:00pm
    Advance your career and contribute to the rapidly changing educational landscape with a Master of Education from La Trobe. Enjoy flexible study and choose to study online or on-campus. Join this webinar to find out how you can graduate faster and reduce your course fees with a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP).

  • Monday 13 May 06:00pm
    Interested in a unique career combining art and counselling in clinical, therapeutic, or community settings? Join this webinar to learn how La Trobe's accredited Master of Art Therapy can help you unlock unique career options across a range of industries with Australia's only specialist master's degree.

  • Monday 13 May 06:00pm
    Are you a registered nurse wanting to become a skilled and licensed midwife? Sign up for our webinar and gain exclusive insights into the course details, placement opportunities, and the chance to directly ask our course coordinators any questions you may have.

  • Monday 13 May 06:00pm
    Are you passionate about nursing with a desire to develop your skills further? Join us to learn how the Master of Nursing will help you build your career.

  • Wednesday 15 May 06:00pm
    Unlock your potential to transform healthcare with La Trobe's Master of Health Information Management. Join our webinar for details on course structure, career opportunities and more. Ask your questions in a live Q&A with the course coordinator. Register now!

  • Wednesday 15 May 06:00pm
    Ready to take your nursing career to the next level? Our Graduate Diploma in Child, Family and Community Nursing prepares you for a broad community approach to nursing children and families. Join this webinar to learn more about the course details, clinical practice hours and ask your questions in a live Q&A with the course coordinator.

  • Thursday 16 May 06:00pm
    Take this opportunity to find out more about entering La Trobe’s highly regarded Master of Social Work. Find out more about the course structure, content, placements, career opportunities and ask your questions in a live Q&A.

  • Thursday 16 May 06:00pm
    Transform the future of hearing. Take this opportunity to find out more about entering La Trobe’s Master of Clinical Audiology course. In this webinar, you’ll be informed about course structure, clinical placements and career opportunities.

  • Monday 03 June 06:00pm
    Interested in becoming a specialist in rural nursing practice? Equip yourself with the skills required to lead and support health care in rural communities. Ask questions and get answers directly from the course coordinator during our live Q&A session.

  • Thursday 06 June 06:00pm
    Help people recovering from injuries or living with mental health conditions or disabilities and improve their quality of life. Tune into this webinar to learn how you can become a rehabilitation counsellor by studying our postgraduate courses.

  • Thursday 06 June 06:00pm
    Study the accredited Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) and qualify to practice at an advanced nursing level and to provide professional leadership in contemporary clinical and professional nursing specialties. Join us learn more about what it’s like to study at La Trobe.

  • Monday 15 July 06:00pm
    Learn how to take your career in psychology to the next level by studying our accredited Master of Clinical Psychology. Learn practical skills and knowledge essential for a career in professional clinical psychology.

  • Tuesday 16 July 06:00pm
    Our Master of Speech Pathology is accredited by Speech Pathology Australia and will enable you to work in many different areas such as hospitals, community health centres, private practice, schools, rehabilitation centres and aged-care centres. Tune in to hear more about the course structure and content, placements and fees.

  • Tuesday 16 July 06:00pm
    Hear how occupational therapists can help individuals and communities to maximise productivity, wellbeing, and quality of life through occupational participation. By studying the Master of Occupational Therapy, you will develop knowledge and skills in assessment and intervention, the therapeutic use of occupation and the adaptation of environments.

  • Thursday 18 July 06:00pm
    Take this opportunity to find out more about entering La Trobe’s highly regarded Master of Physiotherapy Practice course. In this webinar, you’ll be informed about course structure, clinical placements and career opportunities.

  • Monday 02 September 06:00pm
    Are you a qualified and registered physiotherapist wanting to upskill in the areas of musculoskeletal physiotherapy? Join our webinar to learn about the Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and see the real impact it can have on your career.

  • Wednesday 16 October 06:00pm
    If you're a practising physiotherapist ready to advance your career in the fields of sport and exercise physiotherapy, this course is designed for you. Join this webinar to get information on the course structure, delivery and placements. Ask your questions in a live Q&A with the course coordinator.

Master of Health Administration

Gain the skills, confidence and knowledge you need to step into leadership and management roles with this ACHSM accredited course.

In this webinar, course coordinator Associate Professor Hanan Khalil explains how you can advance your career in this transforming industry, and how you’ll gain advanced knowledge from lecturers and industry guest speakers with a wide variety of health career backgrounds.

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Master of Health Information Management

Drive change in healthcare with technology insights and shape the future of patient care experiences.

Join Jenn Lee, the Course Coordinator for the Master of Health Information Management, as she introduces you to the course structure, its flexible study options, and showcases inspiring student achievements.

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Master of Midwifery Practice

Improve outcomes for families by increasing your expertise, as well as your advocacy and care.

Lecturer Bec Hyde explains how you can advance your career and focus on the area you’re passionate about with your choice of specialisation and pathway. You’ll be supported at each step while enjoying the benefits of online learning that fits around your life.

Duration 17 min 10 sec

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Master of Nursing

Benefit from a tailored approach to study with the newly updated Master of Nursing. Choose the specialty and pathway that matches your career goals.

In this webinar, lecturer Laurel Weaver takes you through the course structure, subjects, and improvements to content and delivery for the Master of Nursing.

Duration: 27 min 46 sec

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Master of Occupational Health and Safety

OH&S professionals don’t just look at chairs, they look at every aspect of work to ensure comfort, health and safety, and demand for them is on the rise.

Assistant Course Coordinator Victoria Weale explains how you can launch or advance your career in the rapidly growing OH&S industry with our highly flexible course, designed for working people. You’ll learn how to take a systems approach to address worker safety in all environments, arrangements, occupations and industries, from logistics to aerospace to transportation.

Duration: 17 min 35 sec

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Master of Strength and Conditioning

Looking for a rewarding career working with athletes? Build the industry-backed career you want with La Trobe, home to the Matildas, Football Victoria and Rugby Victoria.

Senior lecturer Dr Lachlan James explores the outstanding academic, practical and networking possibilities for Master of Strength and Conditioning students in this webinar.

Duration: 8 min 18 sec

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Postgraduate Study in Psychology

If you’re passionate about the importance of mental health, explore our competitive course options to find the degree that best suits you and your career goals.

Psychologist, clinical supervisor and lecturer Jordan Hintz takes you through the accredited postgraduate courses that can lead to registration as a qualified psychologist. Discover how flexible our courses are, with options to tailor your study load to facilitate your work and family commitments.

Duration: 8 min 5 sec

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  • Wednesday 16 October 06:00pm
    Discover the power of sport analytics with La Trobe's Master of Sport Analytics. Join our upcoming webinar to learn more and excel in this exciting industry. Ask questions and get answers directly from the course coordinator during our live Q&A session. Don't miss out! Register now.

No upcoming events at the moment. Check back soon.

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Juris Doctor

Be instilled with skills and knowledge that not only stimulate you intellectually – but are also highly relevant for our times.

Senior lecturer Dr Oz Susler takes you through how a prestigious qualification like the Juris Doctor can expand your career opportunities while highlighting the benefits of small class sizes, flexible study options and La Trobe’s commitment to social justice.

Duration: 10 min 5 sec

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