Public transport

The Melbourne public transport system incorporates train, tram and bus services. Information on fares and timetables, including fares and timetables, is available on the Public Transport Victoria (PTV).

Take a look at our safety tips for travelling on public transport, especially when travelling at night.

Buying a card

You will need to buy a Myki card if you want to travel on public transport in Melbourne. This can be done:

Topping up

Your Myki card has no money on it when you buy it. You have to 'top up' your card with money before you can travel. This can be done using a Myki machine (located at all train stations), through selected retailers or online.

To see how much your trip will cost, visit PTV's fares information page.

Using your card

To use your Myki, you will need to 'touch on' when you begin your journey and 'touch off' when you finish it. This means that you have to touch your card to the green Myki reader machine, located at the entrance to train stations and inside the doors of buses and trams.

Travelling with a Concession Myki card is normally cheaper than a Full Fare card, however you must be eligible to apply for a Concession Card. If you travel without a valid Myki, or on a concession Myki without a Concession Card, you are at risk of being fined by inspectors.

International and New Zealand undergraduate students enrolled in full time study will be able to purchase half-priced International Student Travel (IST) Passes for travel on either all Melbourne metropolitan tram, train and bus services or Bendigo region transport. Passes can be purchased for 90-day, 180-day, or 365-day periods. More information about the IST Pass is available on the PTV website.

All other international students are not entitled to a Student Concession Card unless they are:

  • Students with refugee status (VPT Card information)
  • Students undertaking an Exchange program
  • Undergraduate Australia Awards recipients.

Go to PTVs concessions page for more information.

Melbourne Campus

For more information about getting to and from La Trobe's Melbourne Campus, visit our Transport Central page.

Night network bus service

The Night Network operates after midnight on weekends after all public transport in Melbourne metropolitan areas stops. The buses run every 30 minutes between the city (City Square, on Swanston Street between Collins and Flinders streets) and Melbourne's outer suburbs between 1.20 am–5.20 am on Saturdays, and 1.20 am–6.20 am on Sundays, with additional services on some routes.

Use your valid Myki card to catch a NightRider bus.


Taxis are generally an expensive way to travel. The following companies offer services in and around Melbourne, and you phone them directly to book a taxi.

  • North Suburban Taxis: 13 1119
  • Silver Top Taxis: 13 1008
  • Black Cabs: 13 2227

There are several companies that provide taxi services in regional Victoria. For Bendigo, Albury-Wodonga and Shepparton taxi services, call 13 10 08 and for Mildura Taxi Associated, call (03) 5023 0033 or Ouyen Taxis, call (03) 5092 1331.


Before you start driving in Australia, we recommend you take some lessons to become familiar with local driving conditions and road laws. Road laws include:

  • Driving on the left-hand side of the road; this applies to all states in Australia.
  • All occupants in a car, including passengers, must wear seatbelts.
  • Drink driving (driving when over the legal blood alcohol limit) can result in heavy fines or even loss of licence (including an overseas licence).
  • At some Melbourne city centre intersections, hook turns are required; drivers turn right from the left-hand lane instead of the centre lane, to avoid obstructing trams.

You may drive on a valid overseas licence indefinitely while holding a student or temporary visa, provided the licence is either in English or is accompanied by an official English translation (e.g. an International Driving Permit). An International Driving Permit is a translation of a driver licence; it is not a licence itself. For your International Driving Permit to be valid, you must also carry your overseas licence when driving.

VicRoads only accepts translations completed by a NAATI accredited (any level) translator or an appropriate consulate in Australia.

Detailed information on Road Safety, licensing and road rules by reading Driving in Victoria is available on VicRoads website.


Cycling to La Trobe is a great option. We provide bicycle parking, storage and facilities for students as well as a bike share program at our Melbourne campus. To find out more visit Transport Central - Cycling.

If you plan to ride a bike, make sure you understand certain road rules applied specifically to cyclists which include:

  • you can't ride bicycles on footpaths
  • all cyclists must wear an approved safety helmet (except on medical and/or religious grounds)
  • bicycles must be equipped with a bell or horn, an efficient brake and, if ridden at night, a white headlight, red tail-light and red rear reflector.

For more information about cycling in Melbourne, visit the Bicycle Network website.