Exemption from Working with Children Check

As a child safe organisation, it is the University's policy to have all staff and third parties hold a current valid Working with Children (WWC) Check. Allowance has been made for some category of staff and third parties to apply for an exemption from holding a valid current WWC Check. Please note, continuing, fixed term and clinical staff of the University cannot apply for an exemption. More detail on exemptions can be found in the Working with Children Policy.

The information contain in this page is designed to assist staff and other parties navigate the Exemption process. Exemption will be granted only if all the requirements are met as outlined in the University's Working with Children Policy.

Exemption cannot be granted for longer than 12 months. A new exemption form will need to be submitted if the individual seeks to extend their exemption. In processing the request for an extension, the authorising officer is required to reassess if the individual still meet all the requirements set out in the University Working with Children Policy.

Who is eligible to apply for Exemption?

Category of StaffEligibility to apply for exemption
Continuing staff (part-time and full-time)No
Fixed term staff (part-time and full-time)No
Casual StaffYes
Emeritus ProfessorYes
Honorary AppointmentsYes
Adjunct AppointmentsYes
Conjoint AppointmentsYes
Clinical AppointmentsNo
Affiliated StaffYes
Visiting StaffYes
Vice Chancellor’s FellowYes
Third PartiesEligibility to apply for exemption
Directly Appointee Contractor*Yes
Agency Staff*Yes
Council members*Yes
Students representing the University*Yes

* Considered as staff under the Code of Conduct

Requirements for Exemption

To qualify, the individual must meet ALL the requirements outlined below:

  1. are not Engaged in Child Related Work; and
  2. have a low risk of exposure to a child or children in the course of undertaking the work, activity or service; and
  3. may have incidental exposure, if any, with Children, being less than 12 occurrences in a 12 month period; and
  4. are Engaged on an infrequent and ad hoc basis, no more than 35 hours in a 12 month period; and
  5. have never received a Negative Assessment Notice nor engaged in conduct that would result in a Negative Assessment notice, should they be required to apply for a WWC Check.

A flowchart has been developed to assist with determining if the prospective applicant can apply for an exemption.

How to apply

To apply for an exemption, the applicant or responsible work unit will need to download and complete the relevant exemption form in full and have the request authorised (see Delegation for approving Exemption request below for more details). All section of the form must be completed. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Some third parties may be required to complete the WWC Declaration Form in place of the Exemption form for non-employee. Please consult the business unit for which form is appropriate.

Delegation for approving exemption request

Authority for authorising exemption requests will vary depending on the category of the applicant. The chart below outlines the category and who is required to be consulted for sign off.

The Head of School or Executive Director have a key role in endorsing and authorising exemption requests. The University relies on the relevant person to be diligent in exercising their authority and verify and assess the exemption request in accordance with the University's WWC Policy. The University will hold the relevant Head of School or Executive Director accountable. In granting exemption, the relevant delegated officer must ensure that the individual meets all the requirements outline in the University's Working with Children Policy (a summary is listed above).

Levels of signatures required
CategoryApplicant signatureVerify and support applicationEndorse the requestAuthorise the request
StaffRequiredSupervisor or Manager host areaHead of School or EquivalentExecutive Director, HR
HonoraryRequiredNot RequiredHead of School or APVC (Research) or EquivalentExecutive Director, HR
EmeritusRequiredNot RequiredHead of School or APVC (Research)Executive Director, HR
Contractor or Sole TraderRequired as part of the Non-Employee Declaration FormSupervisor or Manager host areaSupervisor or Manager host areaHead of School or Equivalent
VolunteerRequiredSupervisor or Manager host areaSupervisor or Manager host areaHead of School or Equivalent

Responsibility of the individual seeking exemption

Where an individual or business seeks to apply for an exemption, it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all sections of the exemption form are completed and that relevant signatory is obtained.

For those who are unsure of whom they may need to approach to obtain sign off on the Exemption form, the business unit manager should be the first point of contact. For volunteers and contractors, this will be the manager of the area with whom you are engaged. Staff including Honorary or Emeritus should contact HR via AskHR.

Responsibility of the business unit - assessment, management and record keeping

All WWC Check information associated with Staff (including CONAGOTH and Council Members) are managed by HR.

For Contractors and Volunteers, the business unit who engages the individual or organisation is responsible for assessing the exemption request and recording and updating the WWC Check information (see Business Unit Responsibilities intranet page for more information).

Where a WWC Declaration Form involves an exemption application, the business unit representative is required to complete the Exemption form for Non-Employee on behalf of the third party. The business unit representative will be required to confirm the third party's application satisfies the University exemption requirements (see Section 3 of the Exemption for Non-Employee form).

For third parties, the business unit representative is responsible for seeking authorisation of the exemption request.

In assessing exemption request consideration should be given to the Child Safety Standards. Under the standard the individual in a position of authority has a responsibility to mitigate risks to children.

CategoryResponsible party - record keeping
Staff (including CONAGOTH and Council Members)HR
Contractor or VolunteerBusiness Unit