Off field leadership and medical roles

Team managers and coaches play an integral role in the coordination of each sports team for UniSport Nationals.

To apply for a team manager or coach position, please read the position description and complete the nomination form below.

Please return all completed Team Manager and coach nomination forms to Emily Harbrow at

We are seeking team managers with the following qualities:

  • ability to work as part of a large team, take direction and work individually where required
  • is committed to our values, abides by our Code of Conduct and providing students with a positive UniSport Nationals experience
  • ability to work with people from different backgrounds, be approachable and can communicate effectively with students, staff and event management
  • ability to solve problems and seek assistance when appropriate, demonstrate leadership and initiative, be resourceful and drive the team to a positive outcome.

Whilst is it not essential that applicants have previous experience in managing sports teams, it is desirable that applicants can demonstrate the following:

  • basic knowledge of the sport, the skills required and an understanding of the rules
  • is a member of the relevant sports club or has had some sports administration skills and experience.

  • an opportunity to develop a range of skills in planning, coordination, problem-solving, fundraising and team management
  • exposure to event management and basic risk management procedures
  • an opportunity to develop effective leadership skills, working in conjunction with our staff
  • additional training and professional development opportunities for sport leaders within La Trobe Sport
  • recognition of contribution to our Uni Nationals team in the form of a written reference upon request.

For further information

Contact our Senior Coordinator, Representative and High-Performance Sport, Emily Harbrow at to discuss your interest and submission.