School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Science staff

The School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences is comprised of a strong team of academic and professional staff who work together to support our core missions of teaching and research.

To contact an individual staff member, please consult the directories below. Or, contact the School.

To contact staff in our Departments, please visit the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Department of Engineering, and Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences websites.

To contact staff in our research centres, please visit the Centre for Technology Fusion, La Trobe Cybersecurity Research Hub, and  Cisco-La Trobe Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things websites.

School staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor Brian Abbey Prof, Physics 03 9479 2645
Dr. Narelle Brack Head of Department, Mathematics and Statistics 03 9479 3808
Professor Wenny Rahayu Dean, SCEMS 03 9479 1282
Professor Luke Prendergast Deputy Dean-Assoc Dean, Domestic Pship 03 9479 2610
Professor Hossam Aboel Naga Prof and Head, Dept of Engineering 03 9479 1181
Professor Henry Duh Prof and Head, Dept of Comp Sci and IT 03 9479 1920
Professor Wei Xiang Cisco Chair of AI and Internet of Things 03 9479 3651
Dr. Kiki Adhinugraha Lecturer, Comp Sci and IT 03 9479 3523
Dr. Haider Al Abadi Lecturer - Civil Engineering 03 5444 7608
Dr. Rabei Alhadad Lecturer, Comp Sci and IT (TF) 03 9479 5721
Kurt Ambrose Associate Lecturer, Engineering (TF)
Dr. Russell Anderson Senior Lecturer, Physics 03 5444 7124
Dr. Avinash Baji Snr Lecturer, Manufacturing Engineering
Dr. Eugeniu Balaur Senior Research Fellow - Nanofabrication 03 9479 5367
Sarah Bamford Research Officer 03 9479 1948
Number of results: 98
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Adjunct and Emeritus staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr. Alan Andrew Emeritus Scholar 03 9479 1208
Dr. Benedicta Arhatari Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr. Ayreena Bakhtawar Adjunct Research Fellow
Dr. Anders Barlow Honorary Research Fellow 03 9479 1948
Kevin Bicknell Adjunct Associate Lecturer 03 9479 2602
Professor Philip Broadbridge Emeritus Professor 03 9479 3714
Dr. Trevor Broxton Emeritus Scholar
Dr. Eric Butcher Emeritus Scholar
Dr. Grant Cairns Adjunct Associate Professor 03 9479 1106
Dr. Pietro Cerone Adjunct Professor
Dr. Pierluigi Cesana Honorary Research Fellow
Dr. Robert Champion Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr. Ka Chan Adjunct Senior Research Fellow 03 5444 7276
Dr. Qingfeng Chen Honorary Scholar
Martin Cooper Visiting Senior Lecturer
Number of results: 85
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