Research contracts

Research contracts, related subcontracts and collaboration agreements, material transfer agreements, data transfer agreements, participation agreements, scholarship agreements, memorandums of understanding, confidentiality agreements.

We support:

  • Review and develop contracts including assistance with budgets and contract scoping requirements
  • Facilitate legal review by Legal Services
  • Negotiate contracts with external parties
  • Organise reviews and approvals from Heads of School
  • Arrange execution by authorised signatories
  • Facilitate the creation of WBS accounts with Finance
  • Manage records in TRIM and Research Master
  • Provide significant date/milestone reminders for contract deliverables
  • Develop and review variations (including extensions) and novations (change of party for new staff or staff departures)

To submit a Research Contract or a research proposal complete go to the Prime Researcher Portal or contact the Consulting & Contracts Team.