Support and development

Graduate research supervision can at times be difficult or complicated, and supervisors are not expected to work in a vacuum. The university provides a broad support network that is there to help answer questions, to model expectations, and to provide advice. The institutional supports available to supervisors are as follows:

  • Schools provide leadership in the expectations of graduate research through research activities (such as seminar series) held at discipline, department or school level. Your School Director of Research can provide more information about activities in your area.
  • Each school has a dedicated Director of Graduate Research (DGR) who oversees higher degree research matters for the School, and can advise you on aspects of supervision procedure.
  • Graduate Research Coordinators (GRCs) are appointed at Department/discipline level to assist the work of the SGRCs and support supervisors and research candidates.
  • The Research Education and Development (RED) team in the Graduate Research School offers specific workshops and seminars to help La Trobe academics develop their capacity as graduate research supervisors.

Supervisor Development Workshops

DateSession titleCampusBooking
Thursday 12 AugustSupervisor Forum: Distance SupervisionOnlineBook now
Tuesday 17 AugustPedagogies and Philosophies of SupervisionOnlineBook now
Tuesday 31 AugustEffective CommunicationOnlineBook now
Wednesday 1 September Supervision Relationships Workshop: Exploring boundaries and expectationsOnlineBook now
Tuesday 14 SeptemberWorking with Student Writers and Giving FeedbackOnlineBook now
Tuesday 28 SeptemberProblem Solving and managing changeOnlineBook now
Wednesday 8 DecemberIntroduction to Graduate Research SupervisionOnlineBook now

Graduate Research Process and Progress Workshops

DateSession titleCampusBooking
Wednesday 4 AugustChairing Progress CommitteesOnlineBook now
Wednesday 18 AugustPreparing Progress Support PlansOnlineBook now
Tuesday 24 AugustChairing Progress CommitteesOnlineBook now
Monday 4 OctoberChairing Progress CommitteesOnlineBook now
Thursday 09 DecemberChairing Progress CommitteesOnlineBook now

For information on other workshops, please visit the RED Workshops page