Industry internships


We offer industry internships to Master by Research and PhD students in various disciplines across our two Colleges - the College of Science, Health and Engineering (SHE), and the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce (ASSC) - through our collaboration with APR.Intern, Australia’s leading internship program facilitating short-term research projects completed by postgraduate research students across all study disciplines and business sectors to deliver research solutions for industry.

The internships are approximately four-five months duration and they focus on clearly defined research projects within industry organisations. Possible host organisations include private sector, government, and not-for-profit organisations in a variety of fields.

Our internship program involves talented and motivated research students and provides an excellent opportunity for industry organisations – private sector organisations, government bodies and not-for-profits – to engage with and attract talent into their organisation through short-term research projects. You will collaborate with our best research students and staff from a wide range of disciplines to develop research solutions to challenges facing your business.

Several large corporations, government agencies and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have already hosted our students and benefitted from their contributions, tackling challenges and developing solutions to problems affecting their business. All interns are supported by an academic supervisor throughout the internship to ensure that your organisation receives high-end expertise. This will also facilitate a pathway for future engagement with La Trobe University.

Our internships are designed and managed through our collaboration with APR.Intern, Australia’s leading PhD internship program facilitating short-term (3-6 months) research projects completed by postgraduate research students across all study disciplines and business sectors to deliver research solutions for industry.

Why you should consider hosting a La Trobe research intern

Hosting a research student for an internship has several benefits to you:

  • Get access to specialised research expertise and skills
  • Meet your organisation’s short-term skill needs
  • Get quick results through short intensive projects
  • Find a solution to your changing business needs and priorities
  • Intellectual property created during the internship stays with your organisation
  • Become part of our University community and partner network.


The total costs depend on the duration of the internship and include (excl. GST):

  • A$3,000 per month to the intern as a stipend for the internship period
  • A$5,500 (one-off) to the academic mentor for academic support to the intern
  • A$5,500 (one-off) to APR.Intern for administration and case-management of the internship.

An Australian Government 90% rebate is now available to businesses that place a domestic PhD student from 20 October 2020, and a 50% rebate on international student placements from 1 January 2021. See more information on costs, eligibility and rebates.

You may also be eligible for the Research and Development (R&D) tax incentive, which significantly reduces the total internship costs.

How to get involved

If you are:

  • a private sector, government or not-for-profit organisation
  • have a problem to solve, a project to complete, or goals to achieve
  • require short-term (approx. 3-6 months) research skills, and
  • would like to access the benefits for hosting a suitably qualified La Trobe PhD student in your organisation,

contact us to discuss your needs, create an internship project and identify a suitable intern: