About us

We are an innovative, world-class research facility at the forefront of alcohol policy development. As a strong partnership between the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) and La Trobe University, we conduct a broad range of work aimed at reducing alcohol-related harm.

Our research discoveries are promoted to inform the best, most effective alcohol-policy in Australia. We work closely with FARE to ensure our findings are translated for policymakers, the public and academia.

Our vision

We aim to develop effective evidence based alcohol policies, by producing research on:

  • alcohol policy formation and regulatory processes
  • patterns and trends in drinking and harms in the Australian population, and
  • the influence of drinking norms, cultural practices, and social contexts.

Our role in policy

We serve as a vital resource on the evidence-base about alcohol for the public health community, social and government agencies, the media, and society. We pursue this objective in a number of ways, such as:

  • publishing original research findings, scholarly reviews and commentaries
  • responding to requests concerning evidence from government, public health and media organisations
  • advising public health-oriented alcohol policy agencies and coalitions on the relevant research on emergent alcohol policy issues
  • working with the public health agencies (such as the World Health Organization) and research groups, both in Australia and abroad, to develop an international base of knowledge concerning drinking patterns, alcohol-related harms, and effective alcohol policies
  • pursuing and producing reports on agreed upon alcohol policy-relevant research topics for FARE and other non-government funders
  • disseminating CAPR’s research, situating our findings in the context of the field’s knowledge base, presenting at community, governmental and professional meetings, and through participating in public seminars and events
  • regularly sending representatives to serve on the Alcohol Policy Coalition (APC), a coalition of five Victorian public health agencies working on matters concerning alcohol policy.
  • contributing to the development of a workforce of scholars competent in policy-relevant alcohol research in Australia and internationally; achieving this through such means as postgraduate training, postdoctoral placements, internships and scholarly visits and exchanges