No Bullshit Therapy In Practice

This half-day course is the practice companion.

This implementation workshop builds on your existing knowledge of NBT as a way to work respectfully with all people, including those reluctant to engage.

No Bullshit Therapy in Practice

This half-day workshop complements our new and popular No Bullshit Therapy (NBT) self-paced online course. It supports the content of the self-paced online modules by building on your existing knowledge of NBT as a way to work respectfully with all people, including those reluctant to engage.

NBT is about being authentic – even in difficult situations and with clients we find challenging. Creating a context for mutual honesty and directness, sometimes just by stating how you like to work, can be liberating and productive, especially with people who are fearful of counselling. When combined with warmth, care and respect for the constraints of the work, a counsellor who avoids jargon and uses an honest and direct approach can enhance intimacy and trust, especially with haters of therapy.

The workshop will offer the opportunity to embed new ideas, ask an expert trainer your questions, and hone practice through a range of engaging activities.

What will you Learn?

By attending this workshop, you will:

  • Practice skills of NBT in a supportive small group setting where you will receive relevant and helpful feedback
  • Work through the issues of how to get started in making NBT part of your current practice in your work role and setting
  • Be able to apply NBT concepts that can make you ‘practice ready’ in the use of NBT


Completion of The Bouverie Centre’s No Bullshit Therapy self-paced online suite in the last 12 months.

Relevant Audience

Professionals, including counsellors, therapists, case managers, team leaders or managers interested in understanding and/or applying a NBT approach either in their individual clinical practice or as a treatment modality within their agency.

Workshop Style

This is an implementation-focused workshop led by a subject matter expert. There will be small group practice activities, discussion of case examples and exploration of ideas around applicability to your workplace and role.

Expression of Interest

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