Single Session Framework

For Carer Lived Experience Workforce

Carer lived experience peer workers-consultants have been playing an increasingly vital role in the Victorian mental health workforce. Their work is now emerging as an essential element in better outcomes for consumers and their families/carers/supporters.

The introduction of ‘Single Session Framework for Carer Lived Experience Workforce’ (SSF-CLEW) training both complements and serves as a valuable framework and tool for direct and effective peer support work. The framework is based on principles and practices of collaboration/partnership and the connections and shared knowledge of lived experience. It promotes a stance of respectful and honest engagement with carers in supporting them to identify, prioritise and begin to address their needs and concerns.

The strength of SSF-CLEW framework lies in the way it honours these priorities - by creating a process for meaningful, contained, and focused interaction that is flexibly directed towards achievable outcomes within the context of single (or a small number of) sessions.

Workshop benefits

  • SSF-CLEW training will provide participants with facilitation skills and knowledge of key ideas and practices from a single session framework, to be able to effectively support their direct engagement and support work with mental health carers (e.g., to facilitate phone contact or meetings with carers).
  • The training also includes a co-design element that will enable an exploration of how, within the SSF-CLEW framework, each principle and practice can effectively support and respond to the needs and challenges of carer/family workers in their direct engagement and support of mental health carers.

Relevant Audience

Carer/family lived experience workforce

What you can expect

  • Group exploration activities to ensure the workshop material is relevant to your workforce role
  • Discussions of case examples and scenarios
  • A collection of relevant readings
  • A passionate and experienced presenter

Expression of Interest

Registrations for this training are allocated on a waitlist basis. Please submit your Expression of Interest and we will be in touch with you soon.

Training at your workplace

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